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Can you ever stop loving someone you fell in love with?

Can you ever stop loving someone you cared for,

Sometimes you fall so deeply in love that you begin asking yourself if Can you ever stop loving that someone.

Love is a very deep feeling that doesn’t just disappear magically, but with time and space, it fades away.

Can you ever stop loving someone you love so much

You can’t just throw away what you felt for someone in just a day or two, when you love deeply you don’t see flaws.

There are many ways to know if your feeling for someone is beginning to vanish, and I will mention them in a bit.

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And there are also many ways to know if someone fakes the love they profess to you.

4 things that can make you stop loving someone you love so much.

1. If he or she no longer reciprocate the feelings.

The first thing that can make a man or woman stop loving someone they were ever in love with is if he or she no longer thinks their partner is still available for them.


Love is a feeling that is meant to be reciprocated by two people. You don’t stop loving someone and expect them to continue as if their lives depend on it.

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2. When you start getting less attention. 

Getting attention is very important in a relationship and it can be classified as one of the reasons why you can never stop loving someone you used to care for.

The moment that person whom you love starts giving you less attention your mind starts to tell you you’re no longer important to them.

Before you say jack, you start developing that feeling of not wanting them anymore. It can take a while, probably a very long time, to stop loving someone you used to love.

3. When you’re turned down after making your intentions known.

I fall on this table, and I will be sharing my experience with you.

A few months ago, I met a young lady who captured my heart. I was so in love with her. For some reason, I couldn’t see her around anymore. I traced her to where she lives.

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We got talking and everything was moving on fine until I confessed to her how I felt.

It took me a while to realize how I felt when I was around her. I approached her and how she turned me down made me realize the feelings were one-sided.

No need to keep persuading her when I knew she wasn’t interested. I just stopped going to see her and after a while, the feelings started to go away.

Since the feelings won’t just disappear like that, and I was attracted to her the best thing was for me to keep off. With time Everything will go back to normal.

4. When you’re hurt so badly more than you deserve.

Another thing that can lead you to stop loving someone you love is if he or she hurts you more than you deserve.

There’s something someone can do and you just let go easily, but there are also some that will only take the grace of God to eventually let go even after letting go whatever love you felt for them simply turns to hatred.

Lying, cheating, deceit, unfaithfulness, and promiscuity can all lead to stopping loving someone you care so much about.

How do you know someone doesn’t love you anymore?

There are some signs people can display and you feel they no longer love you. Some can just be pretentious concerning how they feel about you just to either use you to pass time or eat your money.

The signs that someone doesn’t love you include the following.
  1. When that person you love  avoid getting caught up with you.
  2. You can know they don’t love if they constantly make excuses and bail out on you
  3. He/She doesn’t care about your feelings. When you realize this you can try to stop loving them as well.
  4. He or she is always demanding but never contributes to your growth.
  5. You try to move on but they fill your head with guilt and want to trap you down.
  6. Another common sign that someone doesn’t love you is how they act over protective over you but they will never give you affection.

All this can make your subconscious mind start pounding on different rhymes of love.

And yeah! You can’t stop loving someone you used to care about all of a sudden, but with time and reason you definitely can.


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