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How to understand your feelings for someone

Understand feelings

To understand your feelings for someone, you need to know how you really feel. Are being attracted to the person? Does it upset you seeing he or she?

This are all different kinds of feelings we feel. One’s feelings can also be linked to their temperaments.

understand feelings

Most people misunderstand their feelings and the interpretation thereof is not quite certain.

Love is a feeling that can be grouped into eight different categories which includes the following.

8 Types of love to understand what feelings is.

1. Eros —passionate love
2. Pragma —enduring love
3. Ludus —playful love
4. Agape —universal love
5. Philia —deep friendship
6. Philautia —self-love
7. Storge —familial love
8. Mania —obsessive love.

One of the things you need to consider when trying to understand how you feel for anyone is to first know what you feel.

If you care about a person’s wellbeing, then that kind of love can be categorized as the Eros kind of love.

When someone’s feelings are regarded as lusting over another, then that’s Mania love.


Sometimes one can be very confused about how they feel for another. These feelings most times can be very overwhelming.

How about an instance when you feel very attracted to a person but the next minute’s everything just disappears.

When you understand your feelings for someone, that means you have taken charge of your emotions and you’re in control of how you feel.

Although most times these emotions don’t give any clue before they come rushing like a fountain.

But how to manage and get a whole of yourself is the most important thing.

Anger is also a feeling that comes when you are pissed or upset about something.It is part of the feelings one should keep in check.

Lust as earlier mentioned is another weird feeling which is almost like being obsessed.

The difference between being obsessed and lusting is the presence of being obsessed over material things like money, wealth.

Another difference between being obsessed and lusting is that LUST is a feeling of strong desire, especially such a feeling driven by se•xual aro•usal.

“He was lusting after the woman in the tight leather miniskirt.”

Practically, to understand your feelings for someone might take a while depending on your emotions at that time.

Do you desire to see them happy for the rest of your life or do you feel the hatred of some sort.? This feelings are all categorized.
Love, kindness, anger, lust, pity, compassion are all feelings we feel as humans.


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