How To Know If A Guy Is Playing With Your Feelings

Here’s how to know if a guy is playing with your feelings

You’re young, naive, and probably don’t know how to differentiate whether a guy is playing with your feelings or if he’s truly serious about you.

A guy who loves you makes sure he doesn’t hurt you emotionally and intentionally.

He will always be proud of you and scared to lose you to another. The way he treats you, he is always patient and kind towards you.

The affections he showers on you alone is enough to give you a heads up; if the guy is playing with your feelings or not.

It takes courage, patience, and understanding to love a woman, once a player is always a Playboy.

Don’t be deceived by his cute looks or charming smiles, those are ways to lure you to his claws.

How Do You Know He Is Playing With Your Feelings?

1. He’s Always Sweet With Words

Don’t get me wrong ok, any guy who wants to make you fall for him would always use sweet words to blow your mind.

But a player has special skills in brainwashing you to make you feel special.

They start with words you are vulnerable to.

for example.

They use the words more often “hun, my love, my heart-beat, my sunshine, my angel, my pride”.

He tells you he can’t live a single day without you, but he has been living before he met you?

How you meant Everything in the world and how they can forfeit Every Opportunity, everything just to be with you.

They know what to say at any time just to make sure you don’t realize their true intentions.

2. They Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

A guy who’s playing with your Feelings doesn’t care if what they do hurts you or not.

“By their fruits, you shall know them”

He would always flirt with your friends and tells you it’s nothing.

When you get angry at him he doesn’t show any sign of remorse for what he did, instead, he looks for one excuse to cover up.

3. He Is Sure To Always Cover His Tracks

He makes sure to appear as a saint when with you. Until he gets what he wants he never makes you notice his flaws.

Beware of anyone who appears as pure as cotton when they’re with you, you don’t know what’s behind those sweet smiles.

4. He Doesn’t Give You Quality Attention

A playboy doesn’t give much time to one person because they are always busy searching for new opportunities.

You should realize he’s playing with your feelings if he finds different excuses why he can’t spend time with you.

But in the real sense, they don’t care for you to lose interest in the relationship.

5. He’s An Opportunists

A player is an opportunist, they are always looking for new opportunities to render your heart broken without feeling sorry.

They target you, your friends, and probably colleagues as long y they get what they want whatever you feel or think doesn’t count.

He leads you along and leaves you “hanging like a bat”


Players derive different means every time you just have to be careful who you give your heart to.

He can come like he has the most sincere intentions but in the end, πŸ’” heartbreak comes knocking at the door of your heart.

One thing a guy who is playing with your feelings knows is that the moment you leave he simply closes the cotton and moves on while you go home heartbroken and confused.

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