Vision Of Perfection || True Definition And Meaning

Vision of perfection

 What is Vision of Perfection? the vision of perfection means something imaginary; a creation of fancy or a goal toward which one aspires to get quality, endowment, or acquirement completely excellent; an ideal; faultlessness; especially, the divine attribute of complete excellence.   How you interpret the vision of perfection and the way many understand what … Read more

When Your Heart beat With Pleasure Is It a Sign of Love?

When your heart beats with Pleasure is it signs of Love.? Yes.! But most times it’s doesn’t only have to be love that makes your your heart beat with with pleasure. Sometimes good news of certain things can make your heart beat with so much pleasure. For example your family’s achievements, a friend’s success or … Read more

7 Less expensive businesses to start up in Nigeria.

Looking for less expensive businesses to set up.? Find out the 7 less expensive businesses you can start up in Nigeria with less than 10k. It doesn’t matter wether you are a professional or newbie. Generally, starting any business is quite expensive especially when you are managing funds.   But nevertheless there are some really … Read more

Some of the reasons why many don’t believe in love.

Hey welcome to another episode of Ceetimax blogs. Let me take a moment to highlight on some of the reasons many no longer believe in love. The feelings called love is supposed to be reciprocated and not just received or given alone. How do you expect people to still believe in love when many out … Read more