To understand your feelings for someone, you need to know how you really feel. Are being attracted to the person? Does it upset you seeing he or she? This are all different kinds of feelings we feel. One’s feelings can also be linked to their temperaments. Most people misunderstand their feelings and the interpretation thereof is not quite certain. Love is a feeling that can be grouped into eight different categories which includes the following.…

These days to find a good partner is almost impossible because of the high level of irresponsible people. Before I proceed with whatever answer I have right now, I just want to let you know this question can be grouped differently. What I mean is someone can be asking how to find a good partner in bed. Reasons why my goals are beyond your understanding. And another might also be asking how to find a…

How to toast a girl face to face without feeling shy? Let say you really like her but her response or your manner of approach give you goose bombs. Sometimes it’s just so complicated because you know what to say but you instantly loose your voice. So let’s see how I can help you toast her face to face without losing your voice. The words “toasting a girl” are mostly used by Nigerians which means…

Be curious, not judgemental: navigating through life, you get to meet different obstacles.

Be curious, not judgemental a

For anyone to succeed in anything, don’t just assume things or be judgemental, but being curious to know the truth.

When I say you should be curious to know things and not judgemental; it implies that your observations should portray how you see everyone.

People have different personalities,

Here’s a funny YouTube video of Arie__m trying to make her dog choose vegetables over real dog food.

Remember, be curious, not judgemental.