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Is Rachel Shoaf Married? Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Rachel Shoaf Married? Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

What Happened to Rachel Shoaf?

During her teenage years, Rachel Shoaf made news when she and her friend Sheila Eddy were arrested for the murder of Skylar Neese in 2012. The crime occurred in 2012. This particular matter was a bone of contention for a considerable amount of time. Rachel, who is currently doing time for her crime, has recently garnered media attention due to the fact that she is married to another inmate.

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Rachel Shoaf was born on June 10, 1996, and she spent her childhood in Morgantown. She is the only child that Rusty and Patricia Shoaf have ever had together.

Rachel was raised in a family that belonged to the middle class. Both of Rachel’s parents held jobs in the middle class economy; her mother worked in communication and her father worked in the clothing industry. Patricia had gotten a divorce and remarried a long time ago. As a direct consequence of this, Rachel resided with her mother and stepfather.

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Rachel Shoaf Married? Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Age and Birthday 

Rachel Shoaf was born on the 10th of June in 1996, which means that she will turn 27 in the year 2023.

Personal Life

According to our sources, Rachel Shoaf is possibly unmarried & has not been previously engaged. As of now, Rachel Shoaf’s is not dating anyone.

Net Worth

Rachel Shoaf is among America’s most popular celebrities and is also one of the wealthiest celebrities. As of 2024, Rachel Shoaf has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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The Inside Details on One of History’s Most Notorious Murders

On the evening of December 12, 2012, Rachel, Sheila, and Skylar, three adolescents who were the closest of friends, broke out of their houses without permission, and only two of them returned home. At first, Rachel and Sheila denied having committed the crime and lied to cover their tracks by saying that they had dropped Skylar off close to her house on the evening in question.

Rachel eventually admitted, more than a month later, that she and Sheila had stabbed Skylar to death and then hidden her body in the forests of Pennsylvania. This revelation came as suspicions about the girls got stronger.

Rachel, who is now 26 years old, was transferred to the Lake Correctional Facility in Mason County, West Virginia, which is also the location of Rachel’s good friend Sheila. Before being moved to the maximum-security facility, she spent some time in the Northern Regional Juvenile Detention Center in West Virginia.