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Google Update 2024: What’s Next for SEO Bloggers After Millions of Blogs Were Removed from SERP

Google Updates 2024: What's Next for SEO Bloggers After Millions of Blogs Were Removed from SERP

Let’s talk about the recent March Google Update and how it affected SEO bloggers.

Search engine optimized content is one major source of traffic for most bloggers worldwide.

It is a popular and free source of traffic that can be very rich and useful for most people targeting a particular audience without paying a dime.

The only thing required of an SEO is to provide helpful content and a strong backlink profile. But unfortunately, this isn’t always enough in the sight of Google search engine.

The reason is that you might be doing the right thing, and out of the blue, Google update can decide to hit you at any given time without warnings.

Many bloggers like myself enjoy and love the feel of being able to write content that people love reading, offering valuable insightful and perspectives.

There’s no magician that can tell you when your site will be hit. What there is is that you can always start afresh, use other sources of traffic, or just try to optimize the content. Maybe Google would pardon you and bring you back to SERP.

What’s the future of SEO after the recent Google update?

Every day, the SEO landscape gets even harder because of how Google changes the visibility of certain content on SERP. Google bots can choose to take down certain types of content thinking it is AI written or not useful to readers.


The future of SEO can’t be predicted because of the constant changes in the name of Google Updates every month. For SEO like me, who only depends on SERP for traffic, the light at the end of the tunnel might never be reached. You have to employ other means to get traffic to your target using. Unfortunately, acquiring social media traffic has become very expensive, and the majority of the time, you won’t get website clicks to your ad, just bot impressions.


What’s the future of ceetimax following it was hit by the recent Google update?

Allow me to break down how we started this great blog, Ceetimax, and it future in SEO.

I started blogging on back in 2021, and for the past few years as a blogger on this site, I have written published a lot of helpful content to my target audience. Since it is a sub entertainment niche, I have covered a few niches that I find interesting and really helpful. Although at some point, I had to stop writing on some of those niches because it needed professionalism.

Over the past few years, with the help of some of my team, we’ve written more than a thousand articles, I know that’s really low, but I prefer quality over quantity. Ceetimax has also survived many Google updates since it was founded.

After deep research and algorithm assessments, I decided the best niche to settle on would be the net worth and biography niche. We couldn’t delete old content on other niches, so we just decided to always update them but not write fresh content on those niche. The reason is that we already had a few important back links pointing to some of those old pages that we didn’t want to lose.

Our chosen niche, Net Worth and Biography, did great and brought in millions of impressions and thousands of clicks daily. It was a dream come true as we were achieving our goal. There was no form of blackhat SEO practiced.

Everything was pure whitehat SEO. After a couple of years, I had to bring in more hands on deck. The site indexed really fast, and we were almost on all first positions of every searched keyword related to our niche.

The March 2024 Google update sent Ceetimax to a deep pit that we don’t know when it would rise back to the top. We’ve decided that the future of Ceetimax will be redirected to a new sub-domain, which we’ve already started working on.

Until we see a new change to we urge our dear readers to always find all content related to net worth and biography on which is the new sub-domain.

How easy is Blogging in 2024 For a Newbie?

Let’s face it— The truth is that as of 2024, newbies planning to go into blogging as a full-time job should master email and social media marketing. Depending solely on SEO for your traffic can kill your dream of just writing compelling blog posts and getting traffic from SERP.

SEO has become extremely very hard. Although with the right knowledge and strategies, you can still get your blog to rank #1.

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You must note the following before you start that blog

1. Write content for humans, not for Google bot.

2. Even though Google says backlink is not the major ranking factor, you should try and get those backlinks that would help increase your domain authority. You should not abandon the thought of getting backlinks reason is because your top competitors would always rank first before you because of their domain age and links pointing to their sites.

3. Learn to build an email list if your niche can get you that.

4. Support your creativity with social media traffic. If you can, I suggest you build your social media presence so that you can equally get readers from there.

5. Writing multiple articles that aren’t niche related can confuse your readers. The best way to do this is to differentiate your content with categories. Don’t mix it up.

If your site was hit by Google update, how would you recover?

Instead of waiting for months or eternity for that site to recover, here’s what I will suggest. If you sell products on your site before it got hit or if you just wrote informational articles, I suggest you open a micro blog on LinkedIn, Quora, X(Twitter), Reddit, Facebook or Pinterest and continue where you stopped. Reason why I gave this suggestions is that as of recent, Google tends to remove too many blog from it SERP and leave only known platforms. 

If you will agree with me, you would have noticed that some of the above micro blogs I mentioned now rank for most keywords blogs write. I have a blog that I talk about gift cards and payment methods, the niche has been dominated by LinkedIn micro blogs. Take the opportunity and grow your traffic too.

What’s does the future of makings  money from blogging look like?

As the landscape of  SEO blogging keeps evolving, many would continue exploring means of earning from their blogs. Personally, I have found success in accepting paid guest posts to help others expand their blog reach.

Another alternative which is very lucrative yet risky is running arbitrage.  Yes, arbitrage blogging is real and in my next aricle, i will talk more about it.

For now, i hope this article was able to answer some of your questions about the future of SEO blogging in regards to the frequency of Google Updates. If you have further questions, the comments section will be open and I will be answering your questions. 


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