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What Are The Main Components Of SEO? | Learn From Experts

What are the main Components Of SEO?

What are the Main Components of SEO?

Are you a person who is new to the field of SEO? If yes, then you need to learn a lot about SEO. It is not just about keywords and backlinks, in fact, it is much more than keywords and inbound links. The true meaning of SEO is to capitalise on the urge of users to find the information, product, services, or site they are looking for on the web.

You can do it by building a persona for the audience that will be interested to visit your website. Additionally, you need to understand how your targeted audience will search for anything relevant to your niche, be it content, product, or any other thing. You need to make sure that whatever your targeted audience is looking for, they see you right on the top of search results.

This is only possible when you work on all the main components of SEO and build a long-term SEO strategy that can help you achieve goals of better exposure and higher ranking consistently.

We have discussed the main components of SEO in detail below to help you in this regard. If you want to ensure better performance of your website in terms of SEO, then going through this writing is essential for you.

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6 Main Components Of SEO Include:-

Relevant Keywords

Mainly any SEO strategy revolves around a set of keywords because the main purpose of SEO is to bring organic traffic to a website. The higher organic traffic is, the better it will be for a website. Keywords play a key role when it comes to bringing organic traffic to the website. Hence, you need to make sure that you have opted for the keywords that are highly relevant to your niche and easily adjustable in your content.

The selection of keywords for your website is a highly technical process, you need to consider long-tail keywords as well to deal with voice search queries. Working on long-tail keywords in addition to generic keywords will allow you to bring a higher chunk of organic traffic to your website, which will ultimately prove to be beneficial for your website. Working on relevant keywords will allow you to increase the rankings and visibility of your website on SERPs.

Content Quality

Believe it or not, it is a fact that content plays an important role when it comes to higher rankings of a website. The audience and search engines appreciate quality content alike. Search engines have started focusing on better user experience and try to display search results with higher relevance to the query asked by users. Users also look for search results with relevant content to their search query.

If you want to improve the rankings and visibility of your website on search engines, then it is important to have a clear content strategy. This content creation strategy should revolve around selected keywords and the relevance of content. Moreover, your content should be unique and valuable enough to add value to the life of the targeted audience. To ensure the uniqueness of your content you can use an online plagiarism checker.

Ensuring these characteristics of your content will surely pay off in the shape of high search engine rankings.

Proper Indexing of Website

Technical SEO plays a great role in the higher visibility of your website on search engines. You can’t expect higher rankings for your website on search engines until it is indexed properly. If you want to index your site properly, you need to make sure your website allows proper search engine bots to crawl your website and scan its content. You need to have a clear sitemap for this purpose. Make sure you consider the crawl budget of your website before creating the XML sitemap and robots.txt file.

You should reflect a clear sitemap of your website. Additionally, the robots.txt file of your website should properly instruct the bots about which page can be crawled. Doing this will help you avoid the indexing of pages that are not important for your website. Additionally, it will help you avoid multiple instances of a single page on search engines.

Better DA and PA Scores

It should be understood that SEO is not a static subject. According to recently found data, Google takes account of more than 250 factors while deciding the rankings of websites on its SERPs. Note: You can’t keep track of all those factors yourself. You’ll need to have a metric that can help you figure out the probability of how much higher the ranking of your website or page will be due to the SEO strategy you are working on.

You can do this by measuring the DA and PA scores of your website and web pages, respectively. DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) are algorithmic scales that measure the probability of higher rankings of a website and webpage, respectively. You can measure these scores with the help of a reliable Page and Domain Authority checker. Simply search for a bulk DA PA checker online to find out the ranking probabilities of your website and its competitors.

High-Quality Backlinks

Some people may not agree, but backlinks still play an integral role in deciding the search engine rankings of a website. If you are bringing backlinks from websites that are considered authorities in your niche, then Google and other search engines will see those backlinks as a vote of confidence for your website and tend to raise its SERP rankings considerably.

If you have developed a new website, then search engines may take time to find your website and index it on SERPs. However, if you are bringing inbound links from higher authority websites, then your websites will get indexed sooner. Hence, you need to make sure that your website receives quality backlinks. You can find out quality backlinks as well as spammy and broken backlinks by using a free backlink checker. You can also check backlinks of your competitors and find out the sites from where they are getting backlinks. If you find quality sites you can also use those sites to get backlinks for your site.

Optimum User Experience

The demand of average users these days from any website is the optimum user experience, which is shortly termed UX. It has become the need to ensure the websites offer optimum user experience to people who visit them. UX is a broad term that incorporates multiple factors in it.

Starting from the page load speed, if you want to reduce the bounce rate on your website then it is necessary to ensure a faster page loading speed. You also need to ensure smooth navigation across the entire website. Moreover, it is essential to make sure that your website supports smartphones, as a majority of internet users use smartphones to browse the internet.

End Words!

SEO is not just limited to keywords, Metas, and backlinks. You need to work on a variety of factors to increase the SERP rankings of your website. We have discussed a few components of an efficient SEO strategy. We hope you will find this information useful and make use of this information while formulating your SEO strategy.