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Black Chully Net Worth and Biography, Tiktok Video, Why Was She Trending?

Black Chully net worth and biography, leaked video

Who is black Chully?

Black Chully is a 23-year-old Nigerian Tiktok celebrity from Owerri imo State, for some reasons, she has been trending online. Chully is an entertainer, brand ambassador, content creator Whose zodiac is Scorpio. Black is very popular for the kind of hairstyle she carries.

Black Chully net Worth and Biography, Leaked Video,

From her appearance and choice of genders she hangs out with, it’s clear that she’s not straight but a lésbîan.

Black Chully biography (Wiki)

Chully is a 23-year-old Nigerian Tiktok celebrity who was born in Owerri imo State in 1999. Her fame has taken her to places and she has met a lot of celebrities and high profiles. She’s been in and outside the borders of nigeria. Black_chully currently doesn’t talk much about her family, parents or a serious relationship. Hence there’s not much information regarding her personal life.

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Black chully’s net worth as of 2023

As of 2024, black chully has an estimated net worth of $100,000. You see this by the kind of carefree Lifestyle she lives. She can be regarded as the “Mugu money spender” of her generation.

How to Watch Black chully Leaked Video.

Recently, a private video of black_chully was leaked online and netizens are all on the lookout for the alleged video. She is also scared that her career might be at stake due to the recent events in relation to her leaked video. To get hold of the leaked video, do well to send a message on WhatsApp.

What’s black chully séxuàlity and Instagram?

The popular Tiktok star BlackChully is (gay), she is more attracted to the same gender (females). To see all her photos and videos, you can check out her Instagram account @Black_chullyscorpoin.



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