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Why Were Corn Flakes Invented? Dr JH Kellogg Invention

Why were corn flakes invented? Dr JH Kellogg

Why were corn-flakes invented? Dr Kellogg’s Bizarre Historical invention.

Were corn flakes ever invented by JH Kellogg as an anti-màstubatory tool? Well, according to researchers, the invention of corn flakes wasn’t as being said today. But there could be a few correlations. There are lots of memes all over the internet citing some bizarre claims about Kellogg’s invention.

Going back to history journals, the real truth about corn flakes is that it wasn’t an anti-màstubatory aid, instead JH Kellogg had a different idea and view. Recently internet users have been reacting hilariously to some memes about why corn flakes were invented.

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The popular phrase “Why were cornflakes invented” has also become a Google Auto suggested phrase. Different search results are showing claims that the now popular cornflakes was first invented to starve off séxual urges. Now according to, the theory that corn flakes were invented to prevent másturbátion is rather false.

Who invented corn flakes?

Corn flakes were first invented by John Harvey (JH) Kellogg, a renowned cereal manufacturer who developed corn flakes to promote nourishment to patients at the Kellogg’s sanitarium in Michigan.


Kellogg was a devoted Seventh Day Adventist who believed in abstinence from all forms of séxual activity. This abstinence was also extended to married couples, heteroséxual couples or any form of contract that involves séx.

In one of the journals of books in 1887, Kellogg further described másturbátion as an unclean act of “self-pollution”. He also referred to it as “The most dangerous form of all séxual abuse”. JH Kellogg further cited so many vices as the cause of másturbátion, some of which includes eating of “exciting and irritating food”.


Why were corn flakes invented?

Kellogg had advocated “the most simple, pure and unstimulating diet” which was corn flakes as means to prevent oneself from másturbáting.

Reason why people claim Kellogg’s invention was an anti-màstubatory tool is as follows.

From the above statement, Kellogg felt that eating irritating food can cause one to mástúrbate. So in order to aid people from doing such, he introduced a pure, healthy and unstimulating diet to prevent deliberate másturbátion. But the truth still remains that his invention wasn’t to specifically prevent one from màsturbáting.

Why were corn flakes invented fact check ?

Yes! Kellogg was a religious extremist, but there’s no proof that corn flakes was an anti-màstubatory tool. Instead his idea was to create a healthy and balanced breakfast meal.

Other reports claim that corn flakes were advertised as a means of helping people stop másturbátion, this too is not true. According to Snopes, a fact-check website, Kellogg never thought about it that way. Nor was it ever used to promote or advertise corn flakes.

If we were to check back in the early 1900s, corn flakes were advertised as a “nutritious and healthy” food. While they further told consumers of their benefits to the digestive system and not this claims that it was originally and specifically invented as an anti-màstubatory tool.


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