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Why Were Chainsaws Invented ?: Bizarre Fact Check

Why were chainsaws invented,


Whenever you hear of chainsaws, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably chopping wood right. Some people also say chainsaws are for protecting oneself just in case there’s a zombie inversion. [Lol]

Going back in history journals and inventions, what do you think was the reason for inventing the chainsaw.?

Today, I will be taking us back in time and revealing the shocking reason the chainsaw was invented before being used today for wood chopping.

Who invented the chainsaw prototype before the modern chainsaws?

Traditional saws were used in England in the early 19th century to cut woods. According to research, the prototype for the modern chainsaws was introduced by a German orthopedic surgeon, Bernhard Heine. He named it Osteotome which means bone cutter. As time went by, smaller versions of the chainsaws were also used for medical purposes.

Then in the beginning of the 20th century, more powerful chainsaws arrived. The first patent for the chainsaw was called the “endless chainsaw” which belonged to Samuel J. Bens.

In 1926, the first ever electric chainsaw was also designed and it’s production line belonged to Andres Stihl. Andre’s prototype was a heavy and sturdy type.

A breakthrough came in around 1973 when more modernized chainsaws were invented by Husqvarna.


Why were chainsaws invented in the first place?

In today’s society, there are different types of chainsaws being used around the world. Looking at it, no one really talks about them.

Thinking of it, how come everyone wants to know more about the chainsaw? Why was it invented? There’s actually a viral video on Tiktok that is making rounds. A TikTok user shared some weird revelation about why the chainsaw was invented and asked users to Google it.

In the revelation, it was discovered that the first chainsaws invented by Man were for child delivery purposes. Everyone became obsessed with the details and origin of the chainsaw.

How were chainsaws used for childbirth?

The first ever chainsaw was invented to help women during childbirth. Those chainsaws looked way different from those we use today.

According to researchers, when babies couldn’t fit through the pelvic, they would get trapped in the pelvic,  part of the bone and cartilage were removed to create more space for the baby.

Why were chainsaws invented fact check

In the 1780s, in a bid to make the removal of the pelvic bone easier and less time-consuming, Dr. John Aitken and James Jeffary invented the chainsaw[s].

Why were chainsaws invented,

This prototype of chainsaw was designed by two Scottish doctors, John Aitken and James Jeffray. The medical chainsaws looked more like our modern day kitchen knives.

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It was well known in the 18th century as a tool created by surgeons for the Symphysiotomy process. John Aitken was a surgeon from the royal infirmary of Edinburgh. His partner in the field, Dr. Jeffray, was a student at the University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh.

During his time as a surgeon, he dissected many corpses to understand the human body. He was well known in botany and anatomy.

What is symphysiotomy? 

Symphysiotomy is a type of surgical operation where the cartilage of the pubic symphysis is divided. The chainsaws were used by those surgeons to widen the pelvis when the baby is trapped inside the mother.

The chainsaws were invented to partly avoid cesarean sections. Before the invention, knives were mostly used in the 18th century during childbirth. The surgeries were mostly done without anesthesia, it was painful and dangerous to women. [Contact Us…]

After the introduction of the chainsaws, it was widely used by other surgeons, although it was operated manually during surgery. As time passed on, the use of chainsaws during childbirth was stopped as more modern and advanced means of carrying the operation was introduced.

The history behind the chainsaw is quite an interesting one to read about. Why don’t you ask a friend to Google “why were chainsaws invented” and see the shock on their face after knowing the truth.


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    It really interest me to know that The main reason for inventing chainsaw is for child birth, and not for cutting down trees. The full history/information about the evolution of chainsaw can be found in the site attached to this comment.

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