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What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Nigersaurus Memes on Reddit

What dinosaur has 500 Teeth Nigersaurus

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

In this article,  we will learn how to pronounce the name Nigersaurus, it Discovery and Reddit memes.

Have you ever asked yourself about what dinosaur has 500 teeth? Well, according to research made by Paul Sereno, Nigersaurus was a long-necked dinosaur with 500 teeth. It’s origin was traced down to Africa after over 120 million years on Earth.

The fossils of the dinosaur were first discovered by a French palaeontologist, Philippe Taquet in 1976. Later on Paul Sereno discovered the remaining parts.

Nigersaurus dinosaurs were a group of herbivore reptiles that dominated the terrestrial habitat for over 120 million years ago. They left some incredible and mind-blowing fossil records. So according to research, they were divided into two groups, the Ornithischian and Saurischian respectively.

There are lots of questions on Google search regarding which dinosaur has 500 teeth. While some are asking how to pronounce Nigersaurus, others made memes of the reptile on Reddit.

After some research, it was stated that Nigersaurus is that Dinosaur with more than 500 replaceable teeth everyone has been searching about.

Paul Sereno discovered the Nigersaurus Taqueti had come from Africa and its root from the country; Niger.

What dinosaur has 500 Teeth, Nigersaurus
Image source/ Google

Paul Sereno named it in 1999, and it was one of the largest dinosaurs discovered in Africa with the longest neck.


More research about its existence was traced in the Elrhaz Formation in the Republic of Niger’s Gadoufaua region in 1999 hence its name which means Niger’s Lizard.

Meaning of Nigersaurus and who discovered the dinosaur with 500 teeth.

Nigersaurus is amongst the Dinosaurs that ever existed in Africa. Their unique long neck, long legs, 30ft tall height and 500 teeth are what makes them outstanding. The reptilia were named ‘Niger’ after its home country in the early Cretaceous periods.

With the help of his team, Paul Sereno discovered the complete remains of the Nigersaurus fossil and it was named in 1999.

“Niger” means Black while Saurus can be translated to “Lizard”. Putting the words together will leave you with the meaning of Nigersaurus to be a black Lizard from Niger.

How many Teeth Does Nigersaurus have?, Reddit Meme Explanation.

‘Dinosaur with 500 teeth’ which has become a search engine autofill suggestion was first used or discovered by a Reddit user who wanted to make a joke with it by surprising internet users.

The warning not to search first appeared in 2019 which reads ” whatever you don’t Google ‘dinosaur with 500 teeth’. Since then lots of memes have been created with different captions e.g., ‘Don’t Google 500 teeth dinosaurs.

To pronounce Nigersaurus, the name can be broken down into three sections. (Nija- Sir- urus)

FAQs about Nigersaurus,  Dinosaur with 500 Teeth

1.What dinosaur has 10000 teeth? 

Nigersaurus had so many replaceable teeth and when each got removed, it replaces back to it original position.

2. What dinosaur has 5000 teeth.

A long-neck dinosaur which was discovered in Niger, which lived on Earth over 120 million years ago.

3. What dinosaur has 0 teeth

One of the Bizarre discovery, a dinosaur which had 500 replaceable teeth.

4. Who named the Nigersaurus?

A French scientist called Paul Sereno discovered part of the fossils of Nigersaurus.

5. What dinosaur has 600 teeth?

Some reddit memes which first appeared about the dinosaur clearly stated that “Don’t Google Search What dinosaur had 500 teeth”. The discovery led people to Nigersaurus.

6. Which dinosaur has the most teeth?

The replaceable teeth can be up to 100000, depending on when they’re replaced.

7. What dinosaur has 100 teeth

Baby Nigersaurus can have up to 100 teeth and more while growing into the adult type. This means it gradually grows to the point they’ll have a total of 500.

~Nigersaurus Dinosaur With 500 Teeth Gif~



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