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How to put on your best behavior when you’re angry

Put on your best behavior

How does one  put on their best behavior when they are angry.?

Anger is one vice most people fight against, in most cases many let themselves be consumed by it.

So how do you put on your best behavior when someone gets you upset?

One of the things that let people down is the lack of self-control over some of these situations.

When you’re asked to put on your best behavior, it means to learn how to curtail or overlook those things that get you angry.

When you go to some homes, you see the man or woman destroying properties when angered. This is very bad because at the end of the day you still need to replace those things you spoiled out of anger.

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So today, i will be showing you one or two ways to put on your best behavior and how to react when you are angry.

1. Walk away if you’re pushed to anger.

There’s no need to get all angry and begin scattering things around. If you go to any occasion or someone ignites your angry mood, simply walk away if you can’t control it.

Most people have such bad mouths that they can say lots of hurtful things to make you angry.

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The best you can do is to act matured whenever he or she says things that get to you else they keep repeating it.

If someone notices your weakness is anger, they use it against you more often.

2. Stop reacting to every negative vibe that leads you to anger.

You know you get angry when someone steps on you without feeling remorseful or apologizing for it.

What you need to learn here is to manage the situation. Most people feel it’s no big deal when such a thing is done and owe nobody any explanation.

There are different people with so much negativity following them around. You don’t have to be an accomplice to that.

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3. Drink responsibly when you go to an occasion.

I have been to many occasions and I hear people tell their companions or kids to be on their best behavior.

Sometimes when a person drinks more than the capacity their brain can carry, they begin acting differently and embarrassing everyone.

Be on your best behavior by avoiding any sort of drinks that you feel will react with your body differently without you having control over it.

4. Be in control of every situation.

Like I said earlier when you are in control of any situation and yourself, it’s hard for any person to push you without knowing how to react.

Know what makes you angry and learn to behave without showing any sign of weakness.

Smile all the time and you will react less to negative vibes.

If the way people talk to you makes you angry, you address them with the issue and tell them you are putting on your best behavior to avoid making a mess of yourself.