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Soul ties meaning: signs your soul has a connection

Soul ties

What is the meaning of soul ties?

Soul ties are a metaphysical connection between an individual and someone or something else.

This is formed by being extremely close to them.
In a simple language, soul ties are when your inner being has some sort of link with that of someone else’s.

This is as a result of some sort of beliefs both biblical and otherwise.

According to some unverified facts, when a man sleeps with a woman that he is yet to be married to, his soul and hers are tied together.

In the later part of this content, I will explain if soul ties affect men in any way, so sit tight and read on.

 Signs and symptoms your soul has a connection.

What are the signs and symptoms your soul has a connection with someone else? Is it dangerous to have a soul tie with someone?

Now the signs you will likely experience if your soul has a connection with another are as follows.

1. You’re constantly drawn to that person in a sort of way.
2. You either find them Interesting and attractive or you don’t like them, but anyways you are connected.
3. Your soul tie can be regarded as your destiny helper if he or she is always at the point of your needs.
4. They are always drawn to you in your dreams.
5. From the very beginning of your meeting, you feel this proximity or sort of attachment.

What does the bible have to say about soul ties?

The Holy scripture explains what soul ties means in following bible verses. 1 Thessalonians 5:23, 1 Samuel 18:1, and 1 Corinthians 6:16.

When two persons come together and are joined as one, everything about them becomes one.

Biblically, married couples are soul ties with each other. The bible said and I quote “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”.

Consequences of sleeping with a married man. 

The bible also said that no one goes to the Father except through the son, in a clearer picture, God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit are all three in one God.

Our supernatural/Omnipotence God has soul ties between them, the three in one God.  The word of God said that he made man in his image and likeness. This makes it very possible for us humans to have soul ties here on Earth.

How to break up soul ties connections.

How to break soul ties,

Now there is some sort of soul ties every human should pray against. This is the supernatural connection that brings bad luck and illness to people according to some beliefs.


Prayer points to your future husband.

Example– Someone whose soul is tied to a Marine kingdom or a çult. One of the ways to break Souls that is linked together is by denouncing your connection with any of such links.

Another way is to pray steadily, prayers and fasting can go a long way to deliver one from any of such bad soul ties.

Do soul ties affect men in any way?

As I was saying earlier, when a man decides to have more than one séxuàl partner, it’s can lead to some connections with some spirits of backwardness and drop of grace.

Let’s take for instance, while married and faithful to one woman, you see things working perfectly and alright.

But the moment that man starts having affairs with different women out there he begins to invite all sorts of supernatural beings to duel in him.

What are the sins of the flesh? Read more to see the means.

 These demons don’t allow the progress of their victims, and they in turn suck out what was left of the man.

So soul ties with different women during séxuãl intercourse is very possible and can make a man with grace to be a disgrace.


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