Spiritual consequences of sleeping with a married man

Sincerely speaking, it is very bad for a young lady who’s either married or unmarried to be sleeping with a married man that you’re not married to.

The only time you’re allowed is if the man is your husband, else it is very bad, unreasonable and immoral. 

As a lady, put yourself in the shoes of the wife of that man or imagine if someone (a girl) your age starts having and affair with your father. How would you feel? Disoriented, pained and angry at the girl and your father.

Trust me, it is never advisable to indulge into such thing. And if you’re in any way doing such it please stop it.!

dangers of sleeping with a married woman /man
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Some of these married men are shámeless to the point they can stoop so low just to get under the skirt of another woman. What can they offer? Just money, buy you gifts, make you feel like a princess and at the end where will you see them? After getting what they want, they leave you to your fate. 

Most of these men don’t even look after their families, but they keep running after different women. Spending recklessly, mostly on University students. But if you make a thorough survey you’d find out their children are lacking so much.

6 Dangers Of Sleeping With A Married Man.

The act of sleeping with someone’s husband has already put you in a position of a bad person.

There are other dangers associated with having an affair with a married man. I will also mention some of the disadvantages of sleeping with a married man as you keep reading.

Note: These dangers include but are not limited to the following.

1. You delay your chances of meeting your husband.

There’s no need to hide the truth, sleeping with a married man makes you a bad person in the sight of the whole society.

Imagine praying for your future husband and the man’s wife is busy praying to God you never finds yours.

Or in another scenario where you get to marry someone who sleeps around with other girls after getting married to you.

2. You can get STDs along the process.

Another reason to stop the act of sleeping with married men is for you not to contact STDs.

Some of these men aren’t just sleeping with you alone, what if they contact any infection from elsewhere and transfer it to you? Please be wise and guided. This men know what they’re doing, if for example he got infected by a girl he an affair with he will want to spread it to other girls.

There’s a saying that “a stubborn fly follows they corpse to the grave” and it’s true. What do you gain if you have all the riches you’ve been dreaming of but won’t live healthy to enjoy them.

3. You can be humiliated at any time by the man’s wife.

Are you still wondering if sleeping with a married man make you a bad person? Yes and you can be humiliated by the man’s wife at any given time.

I have read a different magazine where women catch their husbands with side chicks, the outcome isn’t always funny.

If a married man is making an advances on you, tell him you’re not interested. If they continue pestering you, threaten to report to their wife or expose them. For Pete sake they are married and marriage is for better or for worst.

4. It will be a disgrace to you and your family.

If your name is being dragged in the mud for sleeping with a married man, it will be such a disgrace to you and your family. Although I know some people have no atom or shame remaining because they’re after the money and luxury Lifestyle.

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 Stay away from an act you know won’t bring a good name to you. A good name as they say is better than gold. It might not make sense to you now, but someday one day it will.

A good name is worth more than millions of dollars. When people speak good of you, you’re definitely going far in life.

5. The whole experience changes how you see men.

The moment you start sleeping with married men, you will lack trust in men.

You’re human with a conscience, your mind will always remind you that your husband will do the same to you.

There’s a saying that one’s good turn deserves another, as you choose to make another woman go to bed with tears in her eyes same might happen to you. 

Karma has a way of getting back at people. It will hit hard in such a way you won’t expect.

You’re probably not going to be committed in any relationship just so you won’t feel hurt when tables turn around.

6. The man will never leave his wife for you.

It is foolish, immoral, and unreasonable to be sleeping with married men. 

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Know this and know peace, he is never going to leave his wife and family just for you. Ask yourself this [What is he getting from you that he won’t get from his wife.?]

He is only using you to pass time and you’re just wasting your precious time in that affair.

Every married man will always run home to his wife and beg for forgiveness, he will never run begging you no matter what.

Disadvantages of sleeping with a married man.

Just like I have explained some of the dangers associated with sleeping with a married man, there are also a lot of disadvantages. Are there any differences between why it’s dangerous and the disadvantages? 

Maybe a little because at the end it points to why you should stop sleeping with married men.

Some of them include

  • You’d lose confidence in yourself.
  • You won’t be proud of what you do to make money. Moreso, you can’t recommend that kind of job for your siblings.
  • Trust issue creeps in and you barely sustain a relationship with guys.
  • Your conscience would always be judging you.
  • Your future isn’t secured financially and health wise.

Reasons why girls subject themselves into sleeping with married men.

1. Peer pressure–

 A girl who keeps bad friends around; friends who are jobless but are quick to jump from one married man to the other looking for easy money can easily be influenced.

You’d hear them calling the men their shuga-zaddy. What’s really sugary about what you’re doing.? Get a job, try to make an effort and you will surely get something. Honestly speaking, we humans are our own problems. 

You know it’s very expensive to live in populated areas like Lagos Island, Estates etc. But still go ahead to use the little money meant to sustain you to pay for an apartment in those areas. How do you intend to keep up with the lifestyle?

At the end if you can’t find something reasonable to do, you end up with married men because they will foot your bills.

2. Lack of Financial Support

Situation at home and lack of job opportunities can equally lure some of our young girls into sleeping with married men. A girl who doesn’t have someone to assist her with funding and other little things can be led astray.

That’s why you need to sit yourself down and ask yourself some questions. What do you really want to achieve in life.? How do you raise money so that things won’t be too difficult.? Since there are no jobs, how do you survive? 

List of things you can do online and offline to earn money.

1. Referral programs

Here you just have to partner with online companies or offline vendors to make extra money. There are referrers like jumia, konga, Amazon etc. All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate partner, you can generate a special link that serves as your special referral link. When people order things from those links, you get extra money from the vendors.

We’re in the era of Tiktok, Snapchat, YouTube and so many others. How you can make money here is to promote those gadgets the content creator needs. If you watch Tiktok videos, only a few Tiktokers make use of ring lights, make-up and a nice camera. Think about it, if you sell those stuff at a low price people would always come to you. 

Other things you can do include partnership with hair vendors, clothes, cosmetics, organic skincare products, jewelries, shoes, bed sheets and blankets. Turn your WhatsApp into a business arena. Those views and comments you get can attract more money to you if you utilize them well.

2. Content writing

A lot of people have that talent of writing stories and other articles but they do it for fun not knowing they can make extra money from it. I know verified high ranking organizations who are seeking for contents writers. Please if you can write, reach out to me on WhatsApp so that I can direct you on how to apply. 

 Another thing you can do is learn hand work, lucrative one to be precise. These days many people waste their precious time learning something they won’t be able to practice at the end of the day. I will suggest going to learn hairdressing, make-up work, photography, production of home made liquid soap and shampoo, and room freshener.

It’s better to find something to do than sleeping with married men. In one of the articles I wrote on about 4 Legit means to make money online for beginners in 2023. I will recommend you go through it

Take Note

Laziness has made most girls to stoop so low to that extent they don’t value themselves anymore. I will advise every young girl out there to go learn one trade or something.

When you’re busy with something that pays you legit money, you won’t be thinking of which married man to go sleep with.

I can teach you how to do pretty much online. Starting with graphics design, website design, blogging, affiliate marketing, influencing, youtube vlogging, contents writing for big paid companies etc.

Reach out to me on WhatsApp if you want, I hope to hear from you ASAP.

FAQs About Having Affair with married men

1.Karma for sleeping with a married man.

One’s good turn deserves another. Do unto others what you would like if the same thing is done to you. Materialistic things shouldn’t push you into destroying another woman’s home.

2. Rules for sleeping with a married man.

Don’t fall in love because at the end of the day he will gently return to his wife. Unless he wants to make you a second wife. Don’t get caught or you risk losing a tooth.

3. Punishment for sleeping with a married man

During the time of old, the punishment was really severe. In some cultures and traditions today, the punishment is death. Some still uphold the ultimate punishment of death by stoning or hanging. So you see the reason why you should stay away from married men.



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