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200+ Prayers for my future husband to locate me

Prayers for my future husband

As a single Christian believer who is looking forward to meeting her future husband, there are some prayers you need to say on his behalf.

If you’re tired of dating random people without finding that future husband, it’s time to break that barrier.

The bible also said and I quote ” he who finds a wife, finds a good thing”. God has destined every man to be with his woman.

Don’t be lazy to the point you can’t find it wrong to still be single, and you aren’t doing anything about it.

Every Saturday you attend one wedding or the other and you’re always amongst the bridal train.

When are you getting married? You should always say these 21 Prayers for your future husband to locate you.

There’s nothing impossible with God, all that is required of you is to have faith and pray wholeheartedly.

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 Prayers point for my future husband to locate me.

  1. Heavenly Father, you’re the creator of everything that is in existence, you’ve made it possible for me to come of marriageable age.

Lord today by the authority in the blood of Jesus Christ I declare that my future husband will locate me. With you there’s nothing is impossible, father. I have no power of my own and so I ask you to manifest yourself today.

  1. Holy Spirit I commit my future husband into your hands wherever he might be, bless, guide, and protect him from any harm.
  2. God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, grant my future husband the grace to serve you in truth and spirit. Whatever wants to stand as a distraction should never come his way.
  3. 2022 is my year to finally get married, dear future husband, let the Holy Spirit direct you to where I am in Jesus’ name amen.
  4. Dear future husband, where many are struggling to make it, you will not. You will have everything you solely desire in life, money will serve you, I command good health to always be your portion in Jesus’ name.
  5. Keep working and striving hard, the end shall justify the means. All your struggles will surely pay off. You won’t have any reason to be unsatisfied with what you have.

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  1. The Lord who has destined two of us to come together in holy matrimony will bless the work of your hands.
  2. Have faith in God and always believe he is the maker of everything, for he will not abandon you as long as you trust in him.
  3. Touch the life of that young man you’ve destined for me, make him have a reason to smile every day. Lord always leads my future husband on the right path.

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  1. Like you led the children of Israel to the promised Land, Lord leads my future husband to me. Let him locate me in the least place I ever expect.

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