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Signs Of Ending Relationship ( Clear Signs To Show It Over)

Signs of ending relationship

10 Signs Of Ending Relationship

A relationship where you always have to beg for attention is one of the clear signs that the love is leading to an ending route.

Signs of ending relationship

He or she starts avoiding your calls and Complaining about every little thing you do even though they don’t matter unlike when you guys just started the relationship, these are clear signs he or she is ending that journey of love with you.

Love is a beautiful thing that can happen to anyone you might not get to see that person who loves and brings you much happiness if you misuse any opportunity you get to be happy.

Speaking from a broken heart, I would say I never saw any sign she was going to end the relationship.

You won’t blame me because I was deeply in love and the amount of happiness I got from the relationship was one I couldn’t trade for anything.

Sometimes these things can take you unaware and render you hopeless.

Brace up and pick up what is left, life goes on.


What are those signs he or she is ending the relationship.?

1. Unnecessary Arguments

You might these for granted but be prepared for anything along the way. Do you argue all the time over little things that could be sorted out.?

It could be they are finding a reason to call it a quit and end the relationship between you two.

No doubt couples argue over silly things and that’s normal, but when it becomes too frequent you should be very careful.

2. He or She Becomes Abusive

You don’t need a magician or a spiritual intervention to tell you your beginning to lose value in a relationship.

Are you being abused in your relationship? Either emotionally, s£xually or, physically, then it’s a sure sign they want to end it with you but it all depends on you to decide to leave.

You don’t need to stay in an abusive relationship no matter what. The feelings of falling in love are mostly abused when one party is fed up with the relationship.

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3. When you hear “I Need Some Space”

It’s sad how someone you love might not want to have anything to do with you and instead of saying it plainly, they request some space.

When your partner is either choosing you or being with another, statements like this are what you usually hear. It’s another sign they are ending the relationship with you.

4. She dodges any talks about the future.

It’s a clear sign that what you have might not see the dawn of another day when all the talks about your future together become too hard of a topic to discuss.

Relationships that to something tangible should always have space for the couple to talk about their future together.

If he or she doesn’t see you in that future together, it becomes a boring topic to talk about.

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5. No more deep conversations

I will use my once happy relationship for instance, when I first started dating we always had together.

Talking about different things even if they don’t matter kind of makes the feelings you share flow.

The feelings of having a long deep conversation are so good, even though you don’t talk about anything specifically, but still talking about little things like ” hey babe, imagining how our kids would look like, and different things”.

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6. They don’t care what you do

How on Earth would you claim to love someone and they do doesn’t concern you.? Probably the feelings are wearing off.

If they no longer care about how you associate me with the other gender or every other, you should bear in mind that the relationship heading to an end.

If you hear words like “do what you want” or “whatever you do is your business”. It’s a sign he or she is ending the relationship before you would expect it.

7. You’re No Longer A Priority

There’s a popular saying that “don’t make someone a priority in your life when you’re just an option in theirs”

If you realize you’re no longer the number as a lover in their lives it shows they don’t want you any longer and you don’t have to push it.

As long as you made someone you’re in love with a priority in your life, you need to experience such high-profile recognition too.

8. They’re A Million Miles Away.

Distance is never a barrier to two people who are in love with each other.

If he or she always finds excuses to distance from you, how then do you plan to make things work?

A sure sign that someone is gradually ending the relationship with you is how they make themselves far from you even if they are closer.

If you no longer feel that chemistry between you two, then I’m sorry but just find a way to back off and do something reasonable with your time.

9. Your Partner Starts Talking In Weird Clichés.

In this case, they start assuming negative things about the love you two share.

For instance, you hear the following cliches.

  1. What if your parents don’t like me

  2. What if I’m not good enough for you

  3. What if we’re never meant to be together

  4. What if the future holds nothing for us

You see, cliches like this always when one partner is either tired of the relationship and is looking for an excuse to make you two break up.

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10.They’re Slowly Pulling Back.

I love you becomes hard to say and even when they say it, you feel they aren’t saying it from the utmost depth of their heart.

A relationship where you always have to be the one making it work shows one partner is slowing pulling back.

In the long run if they no longer want to hide the fact that they are tire of the relationship they break up with you.


When you notice any of this signs in your relationship, try working things out instead ending it.

call your partner’s attention and talk over it.

When you have a vision of a perfect partner things might not go the way you expect.

Thanks for reading.


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