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Why Do Women Wear Waist Beads ( 4 Believable Reasons)

Why do women wear waist beads

4 Reasons Why Women Wear Waist Beads.

Why should women wear waist beads if they don’t know or have any importance?

Why do women wear waist beads

How do you feel as a lady when you’re asked the significance of what you’re wearing and you can’t tell.

Wearing of waist beads could be found mostly Among African women, and recently some other parts of the world are practicing it.

Although it’s not bad for a lady to wear one. There’s a burning question regarding why it is being worn.

So after much research and asking questions, I was able to come off with some of the reasons why women wear waist beads.

Reasons Why Most Women Wear Waist Beads Include But Not Limited To The Following.

1. Some wear it for protection as they said

Wearing of waist beads among some ladies in Africa is believed to be for protection sake against spiritual forces.


I asked a lady recently why most women love wearing waist beads, what she said to me baffled me.

She replied that she was once attacked by some forces and because of the fortified waist beads she was wearing, those forces were not able to harm her.

(Seriously.? Lol I’m getting mine ASAP)

Most African ladies believe in these fetish things and it works for them.

Although I don’t think it’s the truth because everyone has one or two different things to say about waist beads.

2. Some wear waist beads for fancy

Since not everyone believes in lame things, some of these ladies who wear it only see it as another fashion trend.

In the old days when cultural shows and were mostly practiced, waist beads were worn by cultural dancers to perform.

It helps to wiggle one’s waist while dancing to attract an audience.

Have you ever been to a cultural dance festival? Like that of Calabar festival, you will totally understand.

3. Some say they wear it for watching weight

Just like waist trainers, some women wear waist beads to watch their weight.

Normally women who work out to lose weight use waist trainers to tie their waist after childbirth.

The relationship between a waist trainer and a waist bead is almost the same.
Those who wear waist beads feel the tightening when gaining excess fat.

While the waist trainer compresses the fat below the abdomen.

4. Some use it to attract opposite s£x

Most ladies are naturally endowed with massive behind ( wink) and wearing waist beads attracts the attention of men when a woman wiggles her behind.

After asking some people why they wear waist beads, what they said is most men love ladies who wear them and it naturally turns them on.


Based on what people said, I was able to come up with these points.
Please I would really love to hear your thoughts about why women wear waist beads.


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