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Christian dating boundaries to set before you get married

Christian dating boundaries to set in a relationship

What are the physical Christian dating boundaries to set in your relationship before you get married?

In every romantic relationship, it’s really hard to avoid having s£xual intercourse with your partner. But if you choose to obey the instructions of God regarding unmarried people and s£x you can do it.

Now and then you will be tempted to go against the boundaries of not having intimacy with your partner, but you have to remind yourself that you’re strong enough for the task.

Some people can start that process but just a few can reach the finish line. But there are ways to overcome such temptations after setting your boundaries.

Physical boundaries in a relationship to observe.

Christian dating boundaries

Know this and know peace, it is right and ok to date as a Christian. Since you wouldn’t know if your partner has the same thinking as you, it is advisable to set boundaries while dating to avoid temptations.

Believe me whether single or not it is very hard to control s£xual urge. That simply shows you’re human and not a tree, but with God, you can control the urge.


Even the bible said God won’t give you a challenge that is above your capacity.

It’s now left for you to minimize what triggers your hormones. That’s why it’s very advised for underage children to stay away from dating at that tender age. Because they won’t be able to resist the urge of not giving in to the desires of the flesh.

Basic physical Christian dating boundaries to set in a relationship.

1. Don’t sleep together if you’re not married.

I will be honest with you, it is very hard not to share the same bed with someone you have romantic affection for.

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But just so you can avoid physical intimacy before marriage, it is very necessary to abstain from anything that can lead you to have s£x.

When you go on vacation, which is normal for every couple, sleep in the same room but on different beds. If the cost isn’t much you can sleep in separate rooms.

Although sleeping in the same room with different beds is somewhat fine, it can be risky. One partner can be tempted in the middle of the night. The human mind and body are kinda trickish at times.

2. Don’t bathe together in the same bathroom.

Bathing together in the same bathroom with your partner isn’t good. One of the boundaries to set as a Christian couple who are dating is to have a separate bathroom.

Privacy is very important when you’re not married. A lot of people in the society we live in today don’t mind at all, but the truth is doing so demotes your significance and dignity.

3. Don’t move in together if you’re not married.

Another important boundary Ca Christian couples who are dating should set is the act of living together.

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Why in the name of God will you pack in with a guy who is yet to pay your dowry? It is very wrong if you’re currently doing such.

There’s dignity and respect when he pays your full bride price before you move in with him.

No matter how much you love each other, as long as you’re yet to be married don’t move in together.

Visiting at odd hours should be prohibited for any Christian dating relationship, setting this boundary would help to strengthen your love for each other in Christ Jesus.

4. Kissing on the lips can stir up flames and desires you cannot control.

Kissing each other as a Christian when dating isn’t bad either, but where the boundaries come in is if you are being moved to do things you practically feel aren’t pleasing to God.

You can kiss on the cheek, forehead, and light kisses on the lips, deep lips kisses can trigger different kinds of feelings.

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Those feelings are hard to control when you’re kissing someone you’re emotionally attached to.

It’s better to keep those feelings aside when dating until you’re married.

5. Dress beautifully but not in a s£xual and provocative manner.

It is very important to know the type of dresses you wear as this can also trigger your partner into the mood.

Dress beautifully but let what you wear not make the other person start having silly imaginations of intimacy.

Some of the boundaries you set when dating a Christian brother or sister is what is regarded as normal by carnal persons.

But with the mindset that you want to please God and not your flesh, you can still stay away. It wouldn’t be easy but check the number 7 on what to do.

6. Keep your hands to yourself, to avoid touching places that would ignite s£xual desires.

Most people don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves when in a relationship. I have had a couple of these discussions with some ladies and they almost all have the same answers.

I asked Meks what she doesn’t like when she visits her boyfriend? Her response was ” I don’t like it when we can have a proper couple chat without him wanting to have me.

He keeps running his hand all over my body as if I’m some sort of doll or something, I told him I don’t like it and he got angry.”

As Christian couples, one of the boundaries to set when dating is to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend not to touch your body carelessly.

The Bible also made us understand that our body is the temple of God, it shouldn’t be kept dirty.

7. Always pray and fast together.

After setting these physical boundaries in your relationship, how to get the strength to follow up with what you’ve set is to always pray and fast.

The bible said “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places.

So it is very important to organize fasting and praying to have the human power to overcome those urges and temptations.

As a Christian couple, share and do things according to how it will please the lord.

Christian parents should give their teenage children dating boundaries if they must be in a relationship.

Love is not something you can fight, if you find out your teenage child is in love you just have to treat the matter as an adult.

Making the relationship look absurd won’t change anything, they will keep seeing each other or secret communication.

The best way forward is to set boundaries on what and what they should avoid.

The Christian teenage dating boundaries you can set include the following.
  1. No touching of each other’s genitals.

  2. No act of sending each other’s Nüdé or videos.

  3. Avoid truth or dare at all costs.

  4. No s£x before marriage.

  5. No watching of adult content as this can trigger different desires.

  6. These boundaries can’t be disrespected or no dating.


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