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Reasons Why Many Don’t Believe in Love.

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Why are many people giving up on love? 

Are there specific reasons why many no longer believe in true love?  In this article, Let me take a moment to highlight on some of the reasons many no longer believe in love. The feelings called LOVE is supposed to be reciprocated and not just received or given alone. There are certain things that holds a couple together in a relationship, you can take your time to go through them. 

How do you expect people to still believe in love when many out there abuse it.

The Bible also said it in John 3: 16 that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son as sacrifice to sanctify and redeem the world.

God gave his son for redemption and expect we worship him in return. Love doesn’t just give but also receives.

A lot of people no longer value each other’s love and for this reason alone, it’s really hard to still want to fall in love.

Here are some reasons many no longer believe in love.

1. Cheating and Lies 

Due to some past experiences, a lot of people consider relationship a cheating zone.

pexels photo 7092506 Cheating and lying has become a normal thing to some persons in a relationship.

Whatever the case may be, sincerity and honesty should always be part of every relationship.

But no, people prefer to lie and cheat on each other. You don’t know who else to trust.!!


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2. When love become one-sided 

If you keep giving, there will come a time you would be rendered empty.

Reasons Why Many Don't Believe in Love.One-sided love

Love is supposed to be a two ways something, to be shared between two people in a relationship.

So many people invest their time to build a strong and healthy relationship while some prefer to be at the receiving end.

If you want your partner to still believe in love you need to prove there’s something unique about the feelings you intend stimulate.

When it has to do with love, all hands must be on deck to push it forward.

3. Tools of blackmail 

Trust me you don’t want to be in a situation where someone decides to blackmail you with your own feelings.

Reasons Why Many Don't Believe in Love.Blackmail

It really hurts when someone you dearly love starts using that same love to make you do things against your will.

It’s starts with pressures and before you say jack it has turned to threats.

One has to be careful when it comes to do with love, this days a lot of people fake the feelings.

4. High rate for frauds/ deceit

Some of the reasons why a lot of people don’t believe in love is due to how some of people are being deceived into believing they are loved.

Reasons Why Many Don't Believe in Love.High rate of Frauds/deceit

Fraud in this aspect has to do with online dating. This days it’s very risky to start dating online. Most of this online dating site now have a lot of fake profiles.

People are being scammed when they fall in love with an unknown person via dating sites. When you see a profile you feel you want to start something with, just to end up discovering it’s a fake profile

Every day number of people are being scammed of their hard earn money by unknown persons they meet on dating sites. You discover nobody wants to give love a trial after such unhealthy experience.

“Above all, love is a very special feeling when you meet that someone who feels the same”.

I hope you find reasons to believe in love someday. !! 


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