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10 Most Important Things That Holds a Relationship Together

Things that holds a relationship,

What are the things that holds a relationship together? If you put our mind into finding those things and work on them you would find better results.

It’s not as if love doesn’t exist anymore, we tend to live the life of a lie most of the time in our relationships.

Reasons why people no longer believe in love.

Signs your partner wants to end the relationship.

• The Commandments of every successful relationship.

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Neglecting those minor things that would make the relationship grow is kinda silly.

Couple should learn to have each other’s back at all times, this is part of what holds a relationship better and stronger.


You can pray for the best man or woman, but if you don’t seat yourself and your partner down to reason how to move forward it can’t work like magic.

How do you make a relationship work again?

I will be mentioning some things couples must do, if they want to make it work. A good relationship is like a seed, if it must grow it must be watered, it should see the Sun’s rays.

You can’t just predict that your dream man or woman would be perfect. Darling, there’s no perfect person on Earth, believe this and know peace.

Things that holds a relationship

Do you ever wonder why a couple would seem so lovey-dovey today and the next minute they are filing for a divorce.? Or do you ever ask yourself why those neighbors of yours always pick a fight with each other.?

The reason is that LIFE HAPPENS, what does this mean? You don’t expect one person to keep trying to make a relationship work.

With time they get exhausted and weak to keep pushing.


1. Communication

If you still have the intention to make that relationship a happy one you need to learn how to communicate with one another.

Seat down and couple and sort out what problems you are facing and find a solution to it. Truly, you don’t settle the war with war. One person needs to be reasonable enough to tell the other person that it’s time to end the constant argument

If a couple can’t express to themselves how they feel in a certain way then there’s a problem.

2. Confiding in each other

Dear wife or husband, let your partner be that person you can always confide in whenever you want to talk about something.

What leads to someone confiding in you is if you have been able to earn their trust.

Most times in a family between children and their parents, you can see which parents the kids can easily confide in. This is because that parent has proven beyond a reasonable doubt they can be trusted.

Same goes for couples, some of the things that hold a relationship together are mostly seen as nothing but they matter a lot.

3 . Love

Love always remains the head of everything in any happy relationship. What it means to love your partner is to stay selfless, kind, and generous to one another.

It is way more than just that but be that person your pay saw and fell in love with. One of the signs of a good relationship include loving u conditionally.

Love and communication are still the engineers of a better relationship.

4. Be supportive

Be your partner’s greatest fan, learning to be supportive to one another holds a better relationship, these things don’t just happen like that.

At times, what he or she is passing through might be way more than you can carry, your support and encouragement are just what they want.

This day a lot of people out there are mostly suffering from one illness or the other, all that is needed to survive each day is your encouragement.

5. Be Humorous

Understand that life is short and every minute you get to spend together should be worth each moment.

Your lover should find you very humorous and sweet. Not many people get to laugh with each other because of one issue or the other.

Say silly jokes and laugh out loud, be lively and conscience clear. Don’t be so grumpy and unreasonable.

6. Intimacy

There shouldn’t be a timetable when you want to be intimate with your spouse. If your partner doesn’t turn you on at all times then you need to think again.

Intimacy is part of every successful and happy relationship, you just need to be open to one another. No matter how busy you are, your intimate life shouldn’t be neglected.

This is part of why many men and women practice infidelity and cheating.

7. Trust

Trust is one of the most important things that makes a relationship better.

There are some situations when all you need to do is trust your partner. It doesn’t matter what you must have heard about them, as long as you trust him or her that’s all that matters.

When you lose your partner’s trust that relationship won’t only crumble, it will gradually end up dead.

8. Forgiveness

We are all humans and at some point in life, we do things that we aren’t supposed to do. Hurtful things that can break the heart of your partner.

Sometimes when you’re asked to forgive you look at them and every tiny bit of those memories keeps flooding in.

If you want to grow in life, you must learn to forgive your partner. It doesn’t matter what happened, just let it go.

Forgiveness is one of the things that holds a relationship together, if you don’t have the mind to let go of the hurts you didn’t deserve, you will always be stuck in the past.

9. Prayers

Prayers are very important in anything we do in life. Whichever supreme being you believe in, always go to them in prayers and ask for guidance.

God remains the Alpha and Omega, the Omniscient God that knows everything that has happened and those about to occur.

God gives you a happy relationship, you need to always protect your love life with a spiritual upper hand.

Knowing fully well that there’s nothing God cannot do if you notice any unusual changes in your partner, talk to God in prayers and also confront your spouse.

The bible says and I quote: “The heart of a kind is in the hands of the Lord, he turneth it in whichever direction he pleases”.

Let’s say you’ve been trying to discuss a particular issue that is almost eating your Relationship, but your partner won’t just listen to you.

As that bible verse implies, Ask God to turn his heart towards you and he will do it.

10. Confidence

Being your partner best supporter all that is needed is to have confidence in them.

Most of the good things in life start as one crazy act, but as time progresses, it begins to make sense.

Having confidence in one another is highly recommended because it holds your relationship together.

You’re not sure of the outcome, but deep down you are believing in them.


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