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5 Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You | How She Reacts

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Signs of love from a girl.

It is common for a girl to hide her feelings from a guy she likes or is secretly attracted to.

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has she secretly attracted to you?

This usually happens if she feels the guy won’t reciprocate the feelings or rather into someone else.

But there are certain signs and ways of behavior she begins to exhibit around the guy.

So after long research, I came up with the following ways or signs to show she’s Secretly Attracted a guy.

1. She Becomes Territorial 

Some of the ways these girls show they are into a guy is being Territorial.

They tend to scare off other girls they feel will become a problem especially when the guy is open and friendly with other girls.

 Some of these girls are very influential, what they do is to pay off any girl that seems to be a threat to them to stay off.


By so doing they become more close and available to the guy they want.

2. Her Style of Dressing

Some of these girls go to the extent of changing their way of dressing just to attract the guy’s attention.

She might also inquire from the guy’s friends how he wants his type of girl to look, even if she doesn’t like such dressing she tries to adapt.

3. How She Talks 

Most of these girls also try to pull tricks with the tone of speaking. Some even fake Queens English just to gain attention.

Mostly you notice all her statements are based on things that will get the guy’s attention to her.

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For instance, she might even go to the extent of getting to know the guy’s favorite movies, sports, colors, and music and start making positive reviews about them.

4. Her Mood When She’s Around Him 

Another sign to notice when a girl is into a guy is her mood. It’s either she’s always excited whenever she sees him or shy.

No matter how dumb your jokes are she finds them funny. Even if you have a terrible voice she still finds it romantic when you sing.

Most time she becomes sweaty and starts stammering whenever you come close to her.

It depends on the individual, some would always steal glances at him to check whether he is staring at her.

5. She Always Wants to Impress Him

 This phase always takes place on different Iccasions.

It might be in the office, school, or on social media, these signs show she’s Secretly Attracted to a guy.

i. Let’s say she’s into her boss

She will always work to impress him no matter how tedious the job might seem.

ii. Or let’s say she’s into her colleague

She will make sure she’s either the first to get to the office or the last in other to grab attention.

If she comes late to work her movement changes and all eyes are on her.

She makes sure her hair isn’t tied up in others to look so mind-blowing.

She tries expensive body lotion and perfumes just so she can get him to feel impressed.

iii. If it is school

She makes sure to avoid being caught with bad companies of friends.

You notice her trying to be Among the intelligent sets of students in her class and her performance is ok.


iv. On social media

She makes sure whenever she uploads a new photo he is online and notices her curves and drops a comment.

These are just a few analyses I made and trust me there are so many ways girls show likeness.

Although most of these signs are overlooked when the guy doesn’t notice them.

Word of advice, || Love is scares this days, if you find someone who adores and cherish you please make sure to hold them tight.

I hope you found this article interesting.


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