How to tell if a Nigerian girl likes you but won’t say it.

Today we will be taking a look at the signs to tell when a Nigerian girl likes you but won’t say.

Seriously, Nigerian girls are so funny when it comes to doing with relationships matter. Do you know a Nigerian girl will know she has feelings for you but will choose to hide it? For what? I don’t know. Lol !!

How to tell if a Nigerian girl likes you but won’t say it.

When you go to countries like China, the United States, Russia, and co, their ladies are always straightforward about relationships matters.

A girl from the United States will see a guy she likes and boldly approach him and tell him how she feels.

But a Nigerian girl would rather diè than tell a guy how she feels. Instead, she will be giving him signals as if she’s an antenna or something.

Dear Nigerian girls, please it’s high time you come out and tell that guy how you feel and stop giving him signals.

6 signs a woman shows when she has feelings for you.

How to tell if a Nigerian girl likes you but won’t say it.
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Funny enough, there are some signs a Nigerian girl (woman) would display around you and your instincts would tell you she likes you.

Signs she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

Most of the time some of these ladies get turned down in a very humiliating way that they end up rejecting the idea of asking a guy to date them.

How to tell if a Nigerian girl likes you but won’t say it.

  1. She stares at you romantically and when you look at her she immediately looks away. If a Nigerian girl likes a man, they hardly want to have an eye to eye contact. She feels so shy when she looks at you and you look back smiling.
  2. She uses style to check up on you with the intent of collecting something.

Another sign a Nigerian woman has feelings for you is that she makes silly excuses when she comes to your place. She might ask you for a pressing iron when she knows it’s not needed just so she can come to see you.

  1. She dresses in such a way you will notice her.
    As a smart guy, look around you, and if you notice a girl that dresses so nice and makes sure you see her, know that she likes you. It’s not like girls don’t dress well, but if she likes you she put in extra effort to make you look her way.
  2. She’s always at your place to charge her phones.

It’s not like she doesn’t have light in her place or there isn’t any other place to charge her phone. She will use excuses of being scared to stay all by herself just to hang out with you.

  1. She will always throw in ironic Questions like “hope your girlfriend won’t beat me”.

This is a popular sign to tell when a Nigerian girl likes you.

She asks you questions just to know l whether you are single or not.
If you notice any of these signs, she has feelings for you but it’s hard for her to say it.

  1. She loves to bring up relationship discussions with you.
    another sign to know if she has feelings for you is that all her chat with you revolves around relationships, both past, and present.
    She wants to know your type of woman and what you find interesting in a girl.
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