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Why do people cheat on people they love? | 5 reasons

Why do people cheat on people they claim to love

So after doing some research, I found out a few reasons why people tend to cheat on people they claim to love.

Seriously, it’s not worth it. If you’re tired or fed up in a relationship, speak up and tell your partner what and what is missing.

How do you want your partner to treat you? If you aren’t getting that special treatment you should speak up rather than cheating.

Communication is a vital key to a successful relationship and if you lack that expressive mechanism, it becomes difficult to express how you feel about certain things in your relationship.

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After going through a few profiles and asking a few questions, I found out that the following are reasons why many cheat on people they claim to be in love with.

Why do people cheat on people they love? 5 believable reasons.

1. When they are tired of the relationship.

Psychologically, when some people get tired of being in a particular relationship, the next option is to look for a replacement.

That replacement comes right when they’re still dating because they are too scared and confused to end the one they are already into.

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Looking at it intently, it’s not fair to double date when you know the love is no longer there in the later one. End things and move on if you feel your being dragged behind the lifestyle you intend to have.

Before someone gets tired of being in a relationship with you, it’s either you’re no longer doing what you used to do or you somehow change and the change doesn’t flow their way.

So what do you do when your man or woman is tired of being in a relationship with you?

Ask questions about what you’re doing wrongly and don’t be scared to get any answer which might seem unexpected. It’s better to get hurt by the truth and know what to do rather than when the truth is hidden and you’re being lied to.

2. When the love that they feel for you fades away.

What many don’t understand is that love fades and little things can equally make someone’s love for you to fade and the next thing is they start cheating on you.

Why do people cheat on people they love

Now there are many ways to know when your partner no longer loves you like they used to do.

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i. They don’t care about what you do anymore.

ii. They no longer plan a future with you, whatever you dream about the future becomes irrelevant to them.

iii. He or she starts avoiding serious relationship discussion with you.

3. When you’re no longer the center of attraction in the relationship.

Some you’re deeply in love with can be cheating on you if they find someone else very attractive than you are. The way you speak, how you address them, when you do the things you do and all that.

All these little things really matter in every relationship that is considered successful. Apparently, when your partner finds someone who is funnier than you, or treats them in a special way than you used to, they begin to cheat on you.

4. They cheat because they don’t know how to be content.

This love of a thing or feeling is like someone who earns $200 from a cleaning job, if they don’t feel content with the pay they look for another job elsewhere.

Someone is cheating on you and after making critical thinking, you still find no fault from you anywhere.

The truth is that they don’t feel content with your love and the relationship you share. The best way to get over it is to cheat with someone else.

Loyal partners are not supposed to be cheated on. A loyal man or woman is hard to come by and the moment you begin cheating, you automatically turn on the beast in them.

5. They cheat because the love they have for you is not genuine.

I love you is so easy to say but hard to prove. If a guy or girl cheats on you, just have it in mind that the love they feel for you isn’t genuine.

Someone who genuinely loves you will work out things with you when there’s a problem. But when you meet someone who doesn’t feel any genuine love for you, they take any opportunity to cheat on you.

Cute pictures and videos do not make a person stay faithful in a relationship. He or she can be laughing and having the best time of their lives with you can still be cheating.

How to build trust in a relationship after cheating.

Have you gone astray in your relationship and want to rebuild the trust and love as it was before.?

There are a few things to look out for and everything will be fine. Although it will take a while for someone whom you cheated on to still give you that amount of trust again.

So what do you do to gain back or build the trust in your relationship.?

1. Apologize and be remorseful over your act of unfaithfulness.

Why did you cheat? This is one question to ask yourself and how sure are you that you won’t repeat the act again.?

These are some personal questions to ask yourself when you’re on the route of building back trust in your relationship.

When you’ve identified those things that led you to cheat, you can then work on yourself. Apologize to your spouse and amend your ways.

2. Be open to your needs and desires.

When you know what you want in a relationship and you equally know how to communicate with your partner, it won’t be hard to discuss with him or her.

What type of guys do you like? What type of girls make you feel on top of the world? Is it the way she dresses or her makeup? Talk to them and if they truly love you they are gonna want to do anything to keep you.

Like I always say, I love you isn’t by just saying the words but by your actions. This is why people cheat on those they claim to love while in the real sense it’s just pure infatuation.