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7 Best Dating Apps For Teens In 2024 | Where To Meet And Find Love

Dating apps for teens and Singles

There are quite a number of dating Apps for single teens to meet single boys and girls.

Over the past few years, a lot of single teens make use of the wrong dating Apps or sites for matchmaking.

So I made a list of dating apps for teens to meet with different people they might find interest in.

Love as a broad word can be gotten from anywhere, be it in the store, online, random texting, even on the radio.

  1.  How to find love at 40.

2.  Deep messages for her to read.

3.  How to find a match on Facebook.

Below, i will be listing few dating apps for teens to find a good match, the list I make here are secure and reliable Apps with millions of users.

Another thing is that most of these Apps have upgrading packages in order to target your specific type of person.


Dating apps for teens and Singles Connect

The Best Dating Apps for Single Teens Includes The Following:


Tantan is a Hong Kong Based dating App, although anyone around the world can use it. It’s also a good one if you have it in mind to date someone outside your zone or country.

Tantan has over 80 Million users and the platform keeps growing on a daily basis.

4 Reasons to use Tantan dating apps.


Just like the regular Facebook, on Tantan you get to view photos and check out everyone’s interests to decide who deserves a like from you!

You also get access to an exciting collection of people looking to make new friends without any fear of rejection.


Everyone is looking for a suitable match on tantan. Once you match with people, you can chat using texts, voice messages, pictures and videos.


This dating app like other apps was built to make sure teens and other singles chat only with the people they match with.

You will never receive messages from random people you didn’t like or spammy links.


Your social life is private; we get it. When you choose to hide your contacts, then the contacts in your address book won’t be suggested to you and vice versa.

2. OkCupid:Online Dating App.

OkCupid is one of the very few dating apps for teens that doesn’t discriminate one based on their sexuality.

That’s to say every color can shine on this platform, whether you are looking for a he or she you get to meet your match here.

These apps can all be gotten from PlayStore or App Store.

“OkCupid isn’t just another online dating app. This free dating app helps you meet singles, connect, chat or have a deep conversation through its one-of-a-kind messaging system.

Focus on the connections and relationships you’re interested in, without the ones you’re not.

Then, plan to meet up and go on great dates – whether you’re looking for local dating, virtual dating or anything in between!

Take your meetings to video chats, calls and go on an online date before you meet”.

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3. Tagged: Meet, Chat and Date.

On this platform teens who love games can also meet adorable single boys and girls who have similar interests.

You can play online games here with your match and schedule a date whether online or offline.

Tagged dating app has over 300 million active users and more.

Another feature on tagged is that video calls are allowed, that means you can confirm one’s identity right while you are chatting with them.

4. Tinder.

One of the world’s best dating apps for teens, adults and every other single person out there.

Tinder has over 55 billion online users seeking matchmaking and to get hooked up.

Whether match making, Chat partner or a serious date. Tinder is always there to match you with your desired person.

Instructions: Use the Swipe Right feature to like someone, use the Swipe Left feature to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match!

Tinder invented the double opt-in so that 2 people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No need to stress over anything. And absolutely no rejections from your match.

Just tap through the profiles you’re interested in, chat online with your matches, and then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new.

5. Badoo.

Badoo is a Dating platform where you you can meet new people, both far and near. It is one of the most visited dating site on the internet for match making.

On the platform, you let your honest intentions be clear in what you’re looking for and who you’d like to find.

Badoo dating app is much more than other online dating apps, it is like a social network that allows you to match and find a partner.

4 Features of using Badoo dating apps for teens.

Meet People Nearby.

Meet honest singles around you and start dating today! Badoo delivers the best chat mates who will eventually turn to someone close.

Make Video Chat.

Have fun connecting with your matches through face to face video calling.

Connect With Verified profiles.

You can choose to only interact with other verified profiles and find friends during the process.

Be plain with your Intentions.

Let people know exactly what you’re looking for and find the right connections. Teens who make use of these dating apps can always find someone new with the right approach.

6. 2go Chat.

2go was once a very active and interactive App for singles to meet and discuss. After the launching of other social dating apps, a lot of teens left the platform and it became less active.

2go has different levels which makes it very interesting to use. First you start as a Novice, Until you can get to professional and Black diamond.

2go also has different rooms where you can meet people nearby and far away. Plus you also need enough gocredit while chatting and people can volunteer to give you gocredits.

7. AfroIntroductions.

Afro Introductions is an African dating app for adults, teens, divorced etc. AfroIntroductions is a Cupid Media product with over 4.5 million active users.

With AfroIntroductions dating app you get to meet your match, plus signing up doesn’t really need much work. Meet single Africans, both home and abroad who are ready to mingle.


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