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Facebook hookup: Interesting things to know if you’re single

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There are some pros and cons when you decide to hookup with random persons on Facebook.

The best advice is to not throw precaution to the winds.

Over the last few years, many single guys and ladies found true love on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest.

Facebook is one of the most populated social networks that a lot of people use. That means finding a soul mate won’t be hard and at the same time won’t be easy.

If you find someone who meets your spec on Facebook, you can hookup with them and see where it goes.

Facebook hookup

Relationships can begin anywhere and anytime, you just need to be open to different opportunities.

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 Mind-blowing things about Facebook hookup.

  1. On Facebook, you get to meet a whole lot of people both far and near. Unlike some dating Apps or sites where you get to pay a certain amount of money to access some people’s profiles. On Facebook, you have a broader opportunity to search for and add up anybody you like or want to hookup with. The likes of celebrities, classmates, college sweethearts, neighbor’s and so on.

Facebook hookup

  1. Another interesting fact about Facebook hookups is that you get to know more about them on their profile. Most Facebook profiles are sure what it is in real life and everyone is looking for an opportunity to meet a new friend. The advantage of this is that before you even get to hook up with anybody, you must have known a little about them. 

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3. The Facebook algorithm makes it easier to see people you might know and what to hook up with. From the details you submit on Facebook, they do something like matching your interests to that of a similar profile you might find catchy. 

Facebook hookup groups for singles in 2022.

Facebook hookup

There are quite a few Facebook groups you can join and meet interesting people.

Below I will be making a list of 13 very active Facebook groups for singles to hookup with people both far and near.

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  1. Nigerian Singles Connect.

This group was created around 2018 for serious matchmaking.

Note: single who are serious and ready to settle down could be found here.


  1. Dating US, UK, And Japan.

This group is one of the growing hookup groups on Facebook, with a total number of 364k members.

Meet singles men and women worldwide.


  2. Dating in the Facebook app for singles.

  3. Facebook dating app for hookup.

  4. Singles Dating Group worldwide.

  5. USA, British Dating Group.

  6. Meet your crush and date zone.

  7. Relationship and dating arena.

10. Singles Connect.

  1. Meet new people from the UK, Canada, the US, and Australia.

12. Meet up and date worldwide.

  1. Meet only USA Girls Ready to mingle.