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Dating A Canadian Woman: 5 Obvious Signs She Likes You

Dating a Canadian woman: signs she likes you

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If you get to meet a Canadian woman and you eventually start dating, never take her for granted. Canadian Women are one of the kindest people you’ll ever come across with.

They’re sweet, charming, adorable, and very caring when they like you. A typical Canadian woman would go to any length just to make sure you’re not sad for any reason.

Although some can be very stubborn and uninterested at first,  but if you’re persistent and show genuine love to her, she’s yours for life.

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Signs a Canadian woman likes you and you’ll make a good couple

1. She Will Be Very Comfortable With You.

Not everyone wants to mingle with people outside their domain or residence. Canadian for instance don’t usually talk to random people. If you’re lucky to have one as a girlfriend or chat mate, don’t let anything come between the two of you.

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One of the signs she likes you is how she will be very comfortable talking about anything with you. She’ll talk to you about most of her deepest secrets just because she loves you.

In this case, breaking her trust won’t be a good idea because, from experience, she would never give you that 100 percent trust no more.

You’ll also notice how she is very happy to tell you about her daily routine and plans for the day. Getting your opinions on things that she’s working on. So, when dating a Canadian woman, be careful not to give her any reason to stop trusting you.


2. No matter the age difference she respects you so much.

Another sign to know when a Canadian woman likes you when you two are dating is the amount of respect she gives you. It doesn’t matter whether she’s older than you or the other way round, you’ll be her king and knight in shining armor.

To her, age is just a number and all that matters is what you feel for each other.

3. There’s never a dull moment with her.

When you pick interest in a Canadian woman that’s when you know what genuine love means. There is always something new and exciting to chit-chat about. No matter her busy schedule, she’s not bothered to spare a few hours with you. Whether on the phone, in person, or over video calls.

Some time ago, I was in a romantic relationship with a certain Canadian lady. She was my pride and joy. What I felt for her was genuine (Although I still love her) but things seemed to be moving too fast and our communication got caught off. Honestly, I had no idea what went wrong as we stopped talking and all means to restore what we had was never fruitful. Have you ever loved someone so deeply that it hurt to lose them?

We could talk about anything, anytime, and anywhere. I remember when we first met, we followed ourselves on every social media platform lol. That was when I discovered the hiding part of my love life. Her voice was so magnificent and serene. I always looked forward to seeing or talking to her.

4. She’s not afraid to introduce her family and friends to you.

Friends and family mean a great deal to any person from Canada. Now if you start dating and she’s okay with you meeting her family and also knowing her friends, well lucky you. When dating a Canadian, the way you find out that she’s equally into you is how she gradually introduces the people that matter to her to you.

If she has a child, she doesn’t hide it as most women would do. Even before you two start dating, she will tell you about her past relationships and her child or children. Then from the way you accept what she reveals to you she then begins to talk about other people that are in her circle.

5. A Canadian woman will always support your dreams.

There are so many signs you’ll notice when dating a Canadian woman to know if she likes you. The last on my list is her supportive nature. Although humans have different hearts I think one of the best parts of being with a Canadian is the amount of support she renders.

Don’t quote me wrong okay, it’s not like other countries’ women don’t support someone that they’re in a relationship with. From my personal experience, I am telling you what I have experienced and gotten a taste of.

Whether financial support, Career advice, loving you at your worst moment, etc. If you find that one person who loves you with all their heart and soul, don’t even think of hurting them. They’re that best friend you’ll eventually run back to. She will crave your indulgence like a baby wanting to take her first step.

In a nutshell, dating a Canadian woman can be a blessing to you. As long as you aren’t cheating or lying to her, she’d love, respect, adore and support you.

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