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What are the sins of the flesh? How do you overcome them

What are the sins of the flesh,

How does the sins of the flesh affects us as a person? Why are those sins considered very bad?

Sins of the flesh are those types of worldly sins or physical sins we commit feeling they are normal.
The catholic strongly preach against the sins of the flesh and they have given many instances it was mentioned as sin In the Bible.
In this 21st century of ours, they’re people who don’t see anything wrong in committing those sins.
Let’s be guided in everything we do, that’s why the Bible was written so as to show us what and what we should avoid.

In God’s presence, all since are the same. As a believer, the Bible advises we stay away from people who don’t believe. It clearly states that “don’t be equally yoked with the unbeliever”.

We will be taking a look at some examples of the sins of the flesh.

What are the sins of the flesh according to the bible and how to overcome them.

  1. Homoséx-ual
    Homosêx-uals are people who choose to get engaged to or marry same séx. The holy scriptures clearly condemn such act. In the beginning of creation, God created Adam and Eve who later gave birth to offsprings.

It was never recorded that he (God) created Adam and Adam-lite or another male. Normally it is very bad to even have romantic feelings for the same sêx.

But the society we live in has justified every action by any individual or group of persons regarding hømose-xuality.

  1. Lüstìng
    lùstîng is another sins of the flesh the catholic preach against. It is the act of having se-xual imagination or feelings towards someone inwardly. Lūstîng can lead to so many dìrty imagination going on in ones head. If you look at your neighbor whether make or female and start imagining you two in bed, that’s lùstîng.
    ( if your neighbor de enter your eyes, close am)

The scripture also tells us that any part of your body that will lead you to hell should be plucked out and casted away. For it is better to lose one of your eye rather than lose your whole soul.

  1. Mast-urbation
    This is very rampant among youth and teenage boys and girls. It is one of the sins of the flesh we’re told to avoid at all cost.
    According to research, masturbation can very addictive to younger people. And it sometimes becomes one’s lifestyle, because they will lack the courage to stop it.
  2. Flìrtìng
    This is mostly done by women to get the men but nowadays, it has become a norm in the society. Everyone sees it as a normal thing to do.
  3. Premarital séx is considered sins of the flesh.
    Having intimate relationships with someone you’re yet to get married to is also considered the sin of the flesh according to the catholic doctrines. But there’s a safer way to avoid committing this very sin, which is by setting dating boundaries in your Christian love life.

Matthew 6:33 Seek first the kingdom of heaven

Temptations will always come but you overcome them with prayers.


  1. B£stialìty
    This is also one of the most dreadful sins of the flesh you definitely need to avoid. It is the act of having s£x with animals.

A lot of people are practicing this act which is very bad, how can a reasonably normal person be se-xually attracted to animals? Trust me it’s not worth it.

  1. Is tattoo also considered sins of the flesh?

Tattooing your skin is also a sin of the flesh, many people won’t know this because of ignorance.
God created mankind in his own image and likeness, but if you choose to go add extra layers or designs on your body it is like you’re telling him he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Although some tattoos are beautiful, but nevertheless it’s still a waste of effort. God didn’t make any mistake by not creating you with a tattooed body.

Why is Jesus the reason for the season of Christmas?


The sins of the flesh can be overcomed by drawing closer to God in prayers. By our human energy, there’s no way because this things are very addictive.


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