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13 Signs you are unattractive and how to work on yourself

Signs you are unattractive

What are the 13 signs you are unattractive? How do you make yourself look hot and wanted? What are the unattractive side of an alpha male?

Most times the things we eat, wear, and how we approach people to make us unattractive.

If you’re eating, do it moderately to avoid obesity or going out of shape as this can affect how attractive you are to many. Some would say whatever you do doesn’t matter to people.

Trust me, there are some matters that you would need people opinion, especially your attractive nature.

Let’s say you had that nice shape that got all guys really into you and all of a sudden you look different.

Look I’m not body shaming anyone okay! I’m just saying it truthfully.

There are quite a several things you could engage in that would drastically put you off the market.

13 signs you’re unattractive and how to work on yourself. 

1. Your way of dressing.

Everyone has a different fashion lifestyle but when you’re expected to dress courtly, you should.


Many don’t know how to select fitting outfits for different occasions.

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This day, if you need public attention you should pay close attention to how you dress for certain events.

2. You love being alone all the time.

When you love your space, you rarely want people around you. In turn, when you need people’s presence they might not be there and start seeing you as an unattractive person.

Even if you love to be alone, remember it won’t be forever. Try to make friends.

3. You don’t have friends you can rely upon.

Another sign of someone being unattractive is they don’t usually have friends.

Maybe due to how you relate with everyone around you, or how you were brought up.

If people don’t find you attractive in any way they won’t want to be friends with you.

Also, you need some qualities to break this “yoke”. If you have something to offer, ( I’m not talking about material stuff) it could be offering natural intelligence, academic advisor etc.

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If you’re smart in a way you can figure out a solution to s problem, people would eventually start coming around you.

4. You bad-mouth people.

When you say a lot of bad things about people, they won’t want to hang out with you. They will automatically see you as an unattractive person who’s not considerate about how people feel. Most of the times, you might be doing it for fun but you should know your limits.

5. You feel ashamed of your reflection.

Even if people don’t see you as an unattractive person, the moment you become ashamed of your reflection, it becomes a problem for you.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you ashamed of the person you see? That’s the sign you’re making yourself feel unattractive.

A lot of young people these days have gone under the blade because they don’t appreciate themselves.

6. You’re obsessed with food.

Eating too much can sometimes be a very big problem. When it becomes an obsession, you can start looking unattractive to many.

Eat moderately and courtly like a responsible person.

Being a gullible person won’t make people appreciate you. You would be a laughing stock, people will always make fun of you.

7. Opposite sêx don’t flirt with you.

It’s normally when someone sees you as an attractive person that they begin to flirt with you because they like you.

But if you notice after one month, a year, and not a man or Lady is trying to flirt with you, that means they don’t find you attractive.

The above signs show how unattractive you are to people and how you can fix it.

8. You avoid taking part in the exercise.

If you don’t exercise regularly to keep fit, you would go out of shape.

And how do you want to achieve that good body that would attract lots of attention if you don’t exercise?

Take out time to even go for even walkouts, or sign up for a training session and keep fit.

9. You hardly care about yourself.

I have talked about this, people address you how you dress.

You are unattractive because you don’t care about yourself,  a lot of people care less about how they look.

Being self conscious about ones mode of health is very necessary. All this adds up to your attractive nature.

You need to care about yourself so that you don’t chase away people from yourself.

Use nice body perfume with good fragrance. There are so many in the market that is very affordable depending on your budget.

Look nice, dress well, have a good haircut or whichever you prefer.

10. You pick a fight with people who want to be close.

Another thing that would make people avoid you is if you are the type of person who is not friendly.

People are watching, when someone tries to get closer and you insult him or her, others back off and you become unattractive.

Many have that character of talking harshly to people they met for the first time.

11. Your colleagues don’t involve you in any of their activities.

You see in a situation where you want to hang out with your colleagues and they suddenly start dispatching, there’s something fishy.

Maybe you should check your breathing, your body odor if it’s pleasant or not.

These are just little signs you would notice if you’re unattractive.

12. Your manner of approach.

When you need a favor from people, how do you approve them? Are you aggressive? Do you easily start insulting people you met.?

Check your manner of approach to whether it’s something to write home about.

13. You don’t worry about your hygiene.

Everyone is supposed to be very hygienic in everything.

Make sure the food you eat is well cooked, the water you drink is clean and your clothes are well washed before you wear them.

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Some of these things are what might put your off the list of attractive persons if you don’t practice them. Good hygiene is very important to take note of that.

There are so many signs to show if you’re unattractive to people but you can work on yourself if you identify them.

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