How do you attract good people to yourself?

Attraction is the tendency to draw interest in something or someone.

On another note, I would say attraction is the unseen force that is like a magnet that makes someone develop a certain kind of likeness or desire to a person or something.

Different people are attracted to different things or individuals for different reasons. For instance, people might find you attractive because of your physical looks.

In the western world, people are mostly attracted to pets like cats and dogs because of how cute and friendly most of these animals can be.

The following are what might attract people to you.

Attract People
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1. People find you attractive if you are FRIENDLY.

Life is too short to take everything too seriously.

Being mature is one thing and taking everything too serious is another.

People will always find something to like in you if you are a very friendly type.

If you are the type that people can talk with without fear or being snubbed you get more people logging around.

2. People find you attractive if you are GENEROUS.

Help make the world a better place by helping those in need.

If you are the type that finds joy in contributing to the growth of people, you would be loved by many even to the grave, you will always be remembered.

Sometimes just get some cash and see those you can help in your area or places around and you will discover many can’t even afford to get a cent to get something in the store.

Your act of giving will always speak good of you.

3. People find you attractive if you are KIND.

show kindness even to those things you don’t think matters.

If you have a kind heart you won’t find it difficult to help people no matter the situation.

People find you attractive if you have a kind heart towards others.

4. People find you attractive if you are GOOD LOOKING.

Sometimes you might not have that type of money you need, but if you know how to dress well you will attract a lot of people.

Having a great sense of dressing is another face of attraction.

People love what they can see and admire.

Let’s take the popular Christiano Ronaldo for instance.

He is tall, handsome, and hits the gym more often that alone makes him very attractive to many people.

Another celebrity we can take for an example is the popular billionaire, Kim Kardashian West.

She’s sexy, a fashionista, and has a great taste for new designs, her make-up work alone is top-notch.

5. People find you attractive if you are SMART (intelligent)

Someone who speaks with reasoning and who’s very calculative has a great tendency to attract lots of attention.

Let’s take Tesla’s Boss, Elon Musk for instance.

People find him very much attractive because of how smart he is and his ways of reasoning.

He is always ambitious to hit the next level.

Another popular philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft is Bill Gates.

He is a very smart type and very calculative as well.

“In one of his interview he was asked the secret to his massive wealth and his simple reply was

“he never misses an opportunity that comes his way”.

6. People find you attractive if you are RICH.

This is a very popular norm in society as people find rich folks very attractive.

One can be very attractive if he or she is rich without looking good.

Everyone would love to mingle with the rich folks in society because of the fame and popularity they get.

Riches attract more people than looks.

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