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Despite all the troubles of life, people dying everyday, love ones abandoning those they are supposed to hold dearly we still keep living.

Life beauty and pains

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Everyone can agree that the more you grow older the more life weighs a lot on your shoulders.

So many people are giving up because they find no reason to keep going. But there’s a chance things can work out.

You just have to keep believing that there’s a better tomorrow and out God first.

Just like the children of Israel where promised redemption while they still lived in Egypt, remember there’s hope.

As long you keep living there’s always hope for a better tomorrow. No condition is permanent.

Life might put you in situation where you begin questioning why it seems you’re the only person.

Trust me, many people which to be in your position because of how bad theirs is.

Let that situation be an elevator to another level. Climbing from the foot might seem very hard but the view from up is amazing.

How to handle rejection when you propose love

The beauty and pains of life comes when you least expect, that’s why you must learn to harness trying times.

If you are lucky to be in a position where others beg you to help them I would gladly suggest you lend a hand.

The person you threw out of your office today might be the same person you would need help from tomorrow.

Don’t abuse the power given to in oppressing others, you might find your self in their mercies tomorrow.

The beauty of having everything you desire is so astonishing but the pains of  loosing them overnight is something else.

If you can use your level of Influence to create job opportunities, support families, sponsor students don’t hesitate.


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