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Bhadie Kelly Net Worth and Bio, Real Name, Age, Tiktok Videos

Bhadie Kelly Net Worth and Biography, Career, Tiktok videos

Bhadie Kelly is a popular togolese Tiktok Star whose Tiktok videos have been making rounds all over the internet.

Kelly is currently 19 years old and was born on the 2nd of December, 2004.. She is a brand ambassador for Nike Shoes and makes money from other sponsored adverts on her social media pages. As of 2024, bhadie kelly has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

If you keep reading, you will find out more about Kelly’s biography, net worth, parents, tiktok career path, why she’s trending and so much more.

Bhadie Kelly Tiktok sensational Togolese why is she Trending,

Where is Kelly Bhadie from and why is she trending?

Kelly is trending because of her sensational Tiktok videos which have gone viral. Funny how men are watching her tiktoks as if it’s the first time they’re seeing a human. It’s giving a whole lot of ladies heartbreak because one person seems to be getting all the attention. Different ladies have come out to compete with Kelly yet her videos still rank top.

Bhadie Kelly as she’s popularly known is a young Togolese TikTok star.  She was born and raised in the US where she currently lives with her parents and siblings. She has become a viral topic of discussion which has left many to begin to wonder who she is and what’s so special about her Tiktoks.

On most search engines you will likely come across the term “who is Bhadie Kelly and why is she Trending” .

Bhadie Kelly biography (Wiki)

As earlier stated, Kelly is a sensational Togolese Tiktok celebrity who was born on December 2nd, and she’s 19 years old.

She celebrates her birthdays in December every year. Kelly is originally from Togo, her parents are both citizens of Togo but they currently reside in the United States. She has a younger sister whom she introduced in one of her Tiktok videos and the girl should be around the age of 10.

Although as of present, there’s no much information about Kelly’s parents, siblings and her relationship.

Bhadie Kelly Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Kelly is estimated to have a net worth between $50,000 and $100,000. Her main source of income is from her brand ambassadorship and influencing. As we all know, Kelly is a brand ambassador for Nike Shoes, a popular shoe brand in the US.

You can verify this from her viral Tiktok videos where she lines all of them up. She also makes money from her social media Monetized account, CashApp funding by her fans.

What is Kelly Bhadie age and real name?

Kelly is 19 years old. Her date of birth is December 2, 2004. Below are some birthday Photoshoots on her last birthday. Her real name is still unknown for now but we’ll keep you updated.

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A post shared by Kelly Akoussah (@slayy.kellyy)

Is Bhadie Kelly from Nigeria?

No! After Kelly went viral, a lot of people began to wonder whether she’s from Nigeria or Ghana. This is because Nigerian men were all obsessed with her Tiktok videos.

Some weird ones began to confess their undying love for her. On that same note, a popular Tiktok user from Nigeria also vowed not to cut off his live stream on Tiktok unless the sensation Togolese Tiktok Star Kelly joins him.

Alas she did and he was so happy and felt accomplished after his 10hrs live streaming was finally blessed with the fine figure of Kelly Bhadie.

Why are Nigerian men and Ghanaian men obsessed with Kelly Bhadie?

Looking at Kelly, she has a moderate body figure, not too big and not too small. The reason why guys are obsessed with her is because of how she sways her bútt in a vibration pattern. She’s able to control her body movement which is one of the main reasons guys are going gaga.

How did Kelly Bhadie become famous?

Kelly originally had just 81k Tiktok followers, but immediately after her videos went viral she hit 727k followers within 24hrs. This has stired a whole lot of reactions on social media.

Currently she has over 937k followers on Tiktok and 331k followers on Instagram. In the next 24hrs, she’s definitely hitting a million plus followers.

What is Kelly’s Tiktok and Instagram username?

She has two current accounts in tiktok, her main Tiktok account name is @Bhadie.Kelly and her backup account is @Pyt.Kelly. On Instagram, her handle is @Slayy.Kellyy.

The funny thing about her Tiktok videos is that they are just short clips of 13 to 15 seconds videos but get lots of reactions. She’s truly a content creator.!

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A post shared by Kelly Akoussah (@slayy.kellyy)

Is Kelly in a relationship? Who is her boyfriend or husband?

Kelly is not married although she has a boyfriend but his information hasn’t been made public. She is busy focusing on her career and building a brand for herself.

Bhadie.Kelly— watch Kelly’s Newest Tiktok Videos.

Below is one of the videos that made Kelly become popular. She got millions of views from the video on Tiktok.

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