Before we continue discussing how to fix low value content, let’s take a look at what the term low-value content means.

What is low value content?

An article is considered a low-value content if it does not correlate with searchers’ intent.

This also means when your article has little or no value to a search keyword.

How to fix low value content,

How do you identify low value content?

It is always important that you make any explanation in your content more specific and longer so that the person searching can decide on what to do with the information from you.

Most bloggers write at least 1k words per article in order to express themselves more and give more valuable insights into the article.

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Another way to identify low-value content is that most bloggers only write for the intent of ranking alone rather than giving reliable information.

How to fix low value content.

It will be nice and a good one if you write long articles and make references to others so as to bypass low-value content in AdSense.

Let your contents focus on keywords research, here you will know the problems users are facing and then offer solutions.

How do I know the keywords to write on?

There are tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, etc. That offers free keywords research and discovery.

Although these tools are premium tools, they have free versions of them.

How do I fix low value content

To get ahrefs free version click here. Ubersuggest offers just 3 trials daily so you have to be specific when making research.

Unless you want to subscribe to a premium package that is not that expensive.

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To get a semrush free version you will have to sign up and with your email, they have a variety of different SEO-related stuff that will help you rank and fix low value content in AdSense.

Semrush has just 7 usages per day when making keyword research, but with multiple emails, you can have as much as possible.

How do I use keywords to improve and fix low value content?

For your content to reach your target audience, there are specific phrases you should use and these are called keywords.

There are sections in your articles; these keywords appear for example the title, second header, your text body, and if possible the footer of the articles.

Those are areas you should make sure the keywords appear. The intent of this is that your article will be discovered by searchers and Google AdSense won’t mark your articles as low value content.

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