Can aboniki balm kill lice?

Yes, Aboniki balm can help you kill stubborn hair lice permanently after applying. Like you all know, hair lice are very stubborn, this wingless creatures can hide anywhere in your house, hairs or somewhere cold and would constantly migrate back to your hair to lay eggs.

It’s good to treat yourself and make sure your surroundings are lice free. To do this, you need to take extra measures in making sure you’re not infested. If you have kids, this creatures can lay eggs on your kids bed and even at the least expected place.

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Steps on how to use aboniki balm and kill lice eggs

No.1. If you have been trying other methods and it doesn’t work, you need to buy at least one pack of Aboniki balm. It’s not expensive, with just 12,500 naira, you’ve gotten 12 pieces  of the balm.

No.2. You need to comb your hair so that every twisted hairline is straighten. Note that if your hair is over infested, you won’t need to use that comb the second time until you clean it with the balm or soak it in a very hot water.

No.3. Next step is to open the two balm and Apply it thoroughly all over your hair. It should touch your scalp, make sure you don’t miss any spot while applying.

No.4. Aboniki is very harsh on the skin so it will cause you to scratch your hair. You just need to endure it.

No.5. The lice eggs are very tiny and sometimes you can mistake it for dandruff. Aboniki balm can kill  the lice eggs all you need to do is apply very well all over your hair. Please don’t let it touch your eyes else it can result to something serious.

Can Aboniki Balm Kill Lice And Its Eggs In Nigeria? Steps On How To Use It
Aboniki balm

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No.6. Now after applying the Aboniki balm on you hair, you need to cover your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes. during this moment, the balm will do it work by getting rid of all stubborn hair lice and it eggs.

No.7.  Next thing is to use warm water to wash your hair after 20 to 30 minutes of coverings it. Use your favorite shampoo and wash thoroughly. Even after washing, you’d still feel the hotness of the balm on your hair. You don’t have to worry, the hotness will eventually stop after some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jumia Aboniki balm price, how do I buy it?

Do you want to get one whole pack or Aboniki? Click here to buy 12 pieces at a very cheap rate. You can keep the rest for future use as it doesn’t get spoilt easily.

Can aboniki balm kill lice in nigeria?

Yes, Aboniki balm can help you get rid of stubborn hair lice permanently. But you should consult your doctor if you feel it’s harshness isn’t stopping.

How long should I keep Aboniki balm on my hair before washing?

After applying, you need to wait for about 20 to 30 minutes before washing it off with hair shampoo.

Can shampoo get rid of stubborn hair lice?

Not in all cases. It can remove some while most the times the lice eggs will still hold tight to the root of your hair. Using Aboniki balm will kill it including it eggs.

Can aboniki balm get rid of dandruff?

Yes it can but you also need to consult a physician before usage. However, Aboniki balm can help you remove lice eggs permanently.

How to permanently disinfect your household and remove all hidden hair lice and it eggs.

On this page, I mentioned some chemicals to use and remove hair lice permanently from your home. With the recommendation I gave you can effectively use aboniki balm to kill lice in nigeria if it’s on your hair.

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