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Why does Love hurt so much? {5 solid reasons} 

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Why does love hurt so much? On different occasions, I have asked this very question and got different answers.

Sometimes you might be so much in love with someone and you keep getting hurt. You begin to question yourself why love hurts so much?

Why does love hurt so much,

I might not be a love expert, but I have few reasons to give you regarding why love hurts so much.

Here are 5 reasons why love hurt so much.

1. You give out so much love.

One of the first reasons is that you tend to love others more than yourself.

Why does love hurt so much

When a person begins to feel too important, they always abuse that love you give them.

Once in a while, check out how much you’ve loved yourself.

What have you been doing to make sure you’re still in line?

Do you just fall in love and forget about yourself? Yes, it’s good to love wholeheartedly, but always have it in the back of your mind that there was a time you never knew he or she and you still lived through.

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When you give out all your love and forget yourself, you become clingy, and most people don’t like to have a clingy partner.

Find yourself and do other things you have dreamt to do, and by so doing the love would still be there but not as much as it would cost you when there’s a breakup.

2. You forget yourself.

Just like I made mention earlier, love tends to hurt when you make others a priority in your life when you’re just an option in theirs.

Why does love hurt so much

Prioritizing yourself doesn’t make you selfish. It means you understand that you are important too.

Most time when I read about relationship breakups, I feel so much for the ladies because they always invest all their time and resources to make it work.

3. You misunderstood lust from love.

Another reason why love hurts so much is that most people misunderstand lust from love.

A married man might see a lady this instant and feel the urge to get her laid, this is pure lust for her body.

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While on the other hand, the lady might feel the man is deeply in love with her.

When you misunderstand the difference between lust and love there’s a percentage of being hurt so much.

A one-night stand and cannot be regarded as love but most people tend to fall victims due to weak emotions.

Before you give out your all, make sure your emotions are in check to avoid stories that touch the heart.

4. When you feel cheated on.

I am a victim of this very subheading. There was a time in 2017 when I found out my girlfriend was friends with a certain guy.

Although the friendship was an innocent one I felt hurt with the mindset r being cheated upon.

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Love hurts so much when you see your partner happy in the company of another person who appears to be a competitor.

It’s natural, but just to be clear of what you feel you need to confront him or her to know the meaning of that sudden friendship.

5. When you get betrayed.

At least we all can say betrayal hurt so much and it’s part of why love hurt so much too.

When you get betrayed by the last person you never expected it from, that feel hurt so much. And I can only take the grace of God to restore that trust.

Imagine you confided in your partner or someone you love a secret about your past and they promised to not make it public.

But NEXT thing you start hearing it circulate all over town and even to people you never wanted them to hear about it. That feeling of betrayal hurt so much.