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Why You Should Never Force Anyone To Talk To You

Why you should never force anyone to talk to you

Whatever you do, please never Force anyone to talk to you. And I don’t see any reason why you should force anyone to stay in a relationship with you either.

People, regardless of who they are to you, are entitled to their personal decisions. Whether family members, colleagues at work, classmates, or a neighbor. No one should be forced to talk to you no matter how tempting you’re pushed to persuade them.

Talking to you should be done of their own free will and not in a persuasive manner.

The only time I would suggest you should try to persuade someone to talk to you is if they are going through some emotional trauma or abusive relationship. Other than that, it would make them feel somehow if they don’t want to talk to you but you keep insisting or trying to start a conversation.

Why you should never force anyone to talk to you

Even online, they’re people that have this mindset that you are obligated to first start a conversation. If they want to talk to you they would locate you without stress.

In this context, I will be listing a few reasons why you should never force anyone to talk to you. Just in case you need someone to talk to, we at CEETIMAX are always available. 

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Never Force Anyone To Talk To You.

1. You Start Looking Like Someone Desperate.

A lot of people feel when you constantly try to force a conversation with them, then you’re desperate. This is not true.!


For instance, someone you’ve been close friends with for a very long time suddenly stops talking to you like before. Then you try to talk to them to know what’s happening.

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If you notice you’re forcing yourself on them, I would suggest you don’t push it further. He or she is entitled to who they want to talk to.

If you were important to them, they would be excited to have a conversation with you. Somehow they begin to feel you’re desperate and can’t do without them. That’s probably why you keep forcing yourself on them.

2. You Lose Your Self-Respect.

There’s a degree of respect you command when you choose to keep to yourself rather than looking for who to talk to you.

Don’t lose your self-worth to anyone just because you want them to talk to you. If you’re bored, find time to do things that would occupy that space.

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Talk to those who want to talk to you and let the rest be. Never force anyone to talk to you nor should you force anyone to stay with you.

3. They Feel They’re Superior Over You.

Another thing i noticed about trying to make someone talk to you, by all means, is that he or she begins to see you as being childish.

Your intentions might be pure but there comes a certain stage in one’s life when you just have to let things flow naturally without putting pressure.

In a relationship, if you always have to make your significant other start a conversation with you that means they’re either tired of talking to you or not just in the mood for such talks.

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Let them be, whenever they have your time they would come looking for you. They’re some people whose vibes and yours won’t always flow in the same direction. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it might be that you’re constantly approaching them at the wrong timing.

At some point this can also cause you mental health issues. When you begin to over think about the situation. Stay on your own if they don’t want to have anything to do with you. Never force anyone to talk to you except if they promised to help you with something.

4. He Or She Feels You Won’t Impact Meaningful Things In Their Life.

As we grow up, there comes a time we make certain resolutions which include cutting off from people who don’t add meaning to our lives. Your case might be that your friend sees you as a bad influence and decides to cut you off from their lives.

If you notice they’ve begun keeping off from you, I beg you to never force them to talk to you. Let them go and try to keep in your circle people who bring out the best in you.

If they do make it in life without you around them, that’s fine and if they end up with people with worse behavior, that’s also their cup of tea.

There is no limit to the number of friends you can make, just make good ones.

5. They Feel Uncomfortable Having A Conversation With You.

The moment you start a conversation with someone, their response to your discussion will tell whether they’re uncomfortable around you. I will share with you something that happened to me a few months ago.

Around December 2021, there was this lady with whom I had a thing or two with, in fact we were dating but the relationship didn’t last until the end of that year.

For some reasons best known to her, she ended the relationship because according to her, she was still in love with her ex. Although she didn’t tell me in person, I had to find out the whole truth from a reliable source.

On several occasions, I tried to approach her because I needed an explanation as to why she would end things that way. We never had time to talk because whenever she sees me she dodges.

I realized she was uncomfortable having that discussion or conversation with me so I had to accept things that way and move on.

Now my point here is that if a person is not having that Aura or feels like talking to you, never force them. Never force anyone to talk to you nor should you make them feel you are desperate.


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