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Support Groups For Women | Online women’s right campaign

Support groups for women,

Support groups for women are organizations consisting of women supporting each other in life.

Support groups for women,
These groups help in making sure women’s rights are not abused or written off.

Over the years, there has been an uprise in the total amount of women’s support groups growing rapidly all over the world.

Where are this support groups for feminine found. 

Both online and offline these groups exist and function accordingly.

Ladies who suffer in their marriages can be assisted by their fellow genders in these organizations.

It doesn’t matter what tribe the female gender hails from, as long as your right ar been mistreated it’s better to make things right.

If one searches on sites like Facebook, you will see thousands of groups meant for supporting women.


Those groups are formed to make sure women who went through any emotional and physical abuse are being looked after.

These groups consist of lawyers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and lots more.

Days of meetings are always held to welcome new members and discuss different issues.

The Kardashians are amongst the movement of women support groups in the black community.

A whole lot of celebrities worldwide support this movement. Ttheycontribute so much in making sure women all over the world are not mistreated.

In Nigeria, celebrities like Linda Ikeji, Genevieve Nnaji and Tonto Dikeh have also established different support groups for women.

Annually, Linda ikeji travels to neighboring countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nairobi and more other countries where she holds convention centers.

These conventions are held to enlighten a lot of women worldwide about the need to support women and fight for their rights.

What are the intents of the feminine support groups?

The main intentions of every support for women are to give every woman a voice.

A lot of ladies are slowly dying in silence because there’s no one to stand up for them.

But with the establishment of different support groups, every woman has a chance to speak without fear.

Years ago, one of my aunt’s husbands abandoned her and their little one, life became very tough for her as a result.

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Although with the help of every family member things were going a bit smoother.

After a year of not hearing from her husband, she files a case against him at the nearest Welfare center.

Her case was treated accordingly and things went back to being normal.
Top online support groups for women globally.


I was going through my feed on Facebook when I saw a page with women’s photos and inspirational quotes.


This women’s online community is located in Africa and Nigerians are also becoming solid members.

Both home and abroad every woman can be part of this support, it has an official website and Facebook page for every woman to participate in.


WOTWOM is a talent hunt for women with great talent and to bring them to the light.


Just like the popular heart-to-heart foundations, women support groups motivate one another regardless of the situation.

All over different social platforms, there are so many support groups for women.

Every woman needs a voice and these support groups do their best in making sure women are heard.