A must-have for every woman means those vital things every woman must-have.

Whether married or single, there are things you as a woman is supposed to have just to be independent.

A must-have for every woman

I’m just going to explain just a few things every woman must have which are as follow.

The five a must-have for every woman include.

1. Every woman must have a good dressing sense.

Must-have for every woman
What this simply implies is that you must know how to take good care of yourself in other to stay attractive to your man.

A whole lot of women out there tend to disregard how they look after getting married.

You’re addressed the way you dress. Let your man have the joy to present you to his friends without feeling ashamed.

2. Good character and Sense of humor.

Must-have for every woman

Another must-have for every woman is good home training and a sense of humor.

Talk respectfully to your man and know how to make him laugh even if he’s angry.

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Don’t make your man find comfort in another woman’s arms because of your lack of taking proper responsibility for your home.

Be funny with your man, portray that character that speaks of a good girl from a good background.

3. She must be an independent woman.

She must be an independent woman
Although most men feel there are supposed to make all the taking care, every man needs help in life.

That was why God created Eve as Adam’s helpmate.
If you are an independent person you will know when things aren’t going so smooth.

Being independent as a woman means you don’t wait to be told to do what is necessary.

You take action and make available for what is lacking without waiting for anyone to do it for you.

You must have that spirit of being an independent woman.

4. She must-have bedroom skills.

Good bedroom skills
You must have that knowledge on how to seduce your man even when he tells you he wants to sleep.

Don’t just relax and wait for the man to always come drill and go to bed.

Teach him how to get you to climax and make him always yearn for your body.

When you neglect your bedroom activities, he runs elsewhere to get it done and by so doing he begins to act strangely.

5. She must have a God-fearing personality.

The Hebrew women feared and obeyed God and he made them travail over their enemies.
A woman must have that God-fearing spirit in other to take care proper care of her family.

Some say the man is the head of the family, what if he is no longer available? Well, the woman is also the head.

You must have that mindset of being the head because someday your man might not be around and you represent the head.
Good leaders portray the leadership of God’s own. You do things accordingly.

Make room for mistakes and corrections.
The above a must-have for every woman doesn’t just end there, thousands of others are included.

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