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Signs your ex will be back | Things You’ll Notice

Signs your ex will be back

What are the signs your ex will be back ?

You just broke up with your boyfriend and you are wondering if your ex will eventually come back. Most couples break up on a very bad terms but is not the same for all. To be honest majority wish for their ex to return and hope to work out things even if the breakup was not on good terms. Though there is no guarantee that he will be back, but you still hope deep down for your ex to return.

A breakup can act as an active catalyst to activate a broken relationship that was sour. There is a saying that “You breakup to make up”. Some breakup will help you evaluate your relationship and make you guys know how much you mean to each other. It will trigger your feelings more, and if you guys should reconcile, your love would become stronger helping you and your ex withstand the test of time.

Signs your ex will be back

12 Obvious signs your ex will definitely come back.

1. You broke up peacefully

One of the good signs that your ex will come back is if you guys broke up peacefully without quarrels. A peaceful breakup most times guarantees your ex return, this kind of breakup occurs most times as a result of some unforeseen circumstances or decision made without proper consideration. If you and your ex broke up peacefully there’s a probability they will be back.

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2. They block and unblock you on social media

If you notice they always block and unblock you on social media platforms it means your ex has not gotten over you yet. This act indicates your ex still has feelings for you.

In this situation, you observe your ex is stucking you on social media. They follow up with your post, sometimes they drop comments on your pictures, like them and also post a caption on their status. If they do this often, it is a sign they will come back.


3. They ask to remain friends

After a breakup, your ex might want to remain friends with you. The reason they ask For this is to evaluate your past relationship and notice the changes and bond you are likely to share in your present friendship.

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They don’t just want to be friends but they want to remain closer to you and be aware of anything that happens in your life. Your ex still have you at heart.

4. They’ll try to call you more often

Do they call you always? Is your ex always stucking you with calls just to know how you are doing and what you are doing? If they call you often or once a while, even if it’s a short call,it points out your ex will come back to you.

5. They share some of their problems with you

Our problems and secrets are a very important part of our lives we keep to ourselves, we only review them or share our problems with people we trust. If your ex shares their problems with you it means they still love you and trust you enough,  it’s a sign your ex will be back.

6. They buy you gifts

It could be your birthday or any special day and the least Person you expect to see is your ex, suddenly your ex shows up with a gift. You never expected it but still they come to visit with a very beautiful gift.

Most times it might be what you have been craving for,  something you have always wished for and they just supprise you with it. It might not be on your birthday, it could be on any day. The fact that they come with a gift, is a pretty clear sign your ex will return soon.

7. You never offended them

If you have never offended them, probably during your courtship you showered them with so much love and care. You treated them so well without hurting their feelings. There is a good chance that after your breakup they will begin to reflect on the good things you did for them.

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When this begin to happen there is a tendency that your ex will consider coming back to you. They have come to realize how much you mean to them.

8. They run into you often

This can be called natural occurrence. There are people meant specially for us. Somehow you just run into your ex, you never planned for it but it just happened. This is a natural occurrence, it means that the universe even support your union.

9. He/She makes effort to change from what you always complained of.

After a breakup most people tend to improve on their attitude better than when they were still in a relationship. If you notice any changes in his character, maybe he was smoking before and now he stopped sm0king. Or he drinks to stupor and now he stops drinking. Their present change in character could be traced to the breakup.

10. They openly admit their mistakes

If they openly and sincerely accept their mistakes or wrong doings, it’s an indication that your ex is sorry for his/her actions and is ready to change. Their acceptance shows that they want you back in their life and your ex wants you to see they have changed and they want to open a new page.

11. They Have not returned your stuff

If your ex still have some of your stuff with them and they have not returned them. Its obvious your ex hasn’t gotten over you.Your stuff reminds them of you, they might keep some pictures you both took together, your clothes or any item you left with them. This will remind them of the times you spent together.

12. They stuck your friends on social media

Social media is a good platform to follow friends and family you don’t communicate with in person. It’s easier to get information about people on social media platforms. If you notice they stuck your friends and follow up their post, that indicates your ex still have interest in you. They want to be aware of what is happening in your cycle.


These signs are clear signs that your ex still want you back. If you also want them back it’s a tool for you to hope for a better relationship with your ex,  goodluck to you. If you don’t see any of these signs then move on.


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