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HaruHi MiWaKo: HiMiWaKo, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career

HaruHi MiWaKo : HiMiWako

Who is Haruhi MiWaKo: HiMiWaKo? 

Haruhi MiWako popularly known as HimiWako is an Instagram model, born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Haruhi MiWaKo is popularly known for her oversized breast. She has an estimated net worth of $800,000. Her date of birth, age and other personal info are currently not available.

HaruHi MiWaKo : HiMiWako,

Country of origin.

Himiwako hails from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What is Himiwako’s real name.

Haruhi MiWaKo, the Instagram model came about with her nickname after abbreviating it from her real name to form Himiwako which she is popularly known for.

Date of birth and the day? 

Unknown { Undisclosed}

Haruhi MiWaKo, Himiwako Relationship Status/ Family Background.

Unfortunately, Himiwako happens to be amongst those celebrities who choose to keep their family away from social media.

Relationship Status.

Himiko is single in terms of being married, but she has a boyfriend whom she chooses not to disclose his identity to the public.

Haruhi MiWaKo, Himiwako Net Worth.

HimiWako has an estimated net worth of $800,000. Her source of income is mainly from sponsorships, fans support and social media influencing.

Does Himiwako wear bras? Is her breast natural?

A lot of controversies and gossip have been spreading amongst Netizens that she got all those from plastic surgery.

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Himiwako denied all of them with claims she got them from mother nature.

HaruHi MiWaKo : HiMiWako,

Himiwako wears bras, which are specially made for her alone. Her customized bra has a size of about 38T. Quite big huh!

How does Haruhi MiWaKo, Himiwako feel about having such a gigantic breast?

The Instagram model is grateful and comfortable with her big boobs. In one of her posts, she described the sudden growth of her oversized boobs [ within 3 years] as a condition known as ( Juvenile ) MACROMASTIA.

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Addressing the propaganda over her oversized breast, Haruhi MiWaKo Himiwako thank those who showed genuine interest in her.

She’s mostly grateful to mother nature for making her look the way she is. In her words, I quote ” I do enjoy my life and I hope you do too! I love gaming, anime, playing the violin and piano because they are amongst my favorites.

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I love putting smiles on people’s faces, just by walking down the street or Playing games with my audience.

My chest growth began around March 2013 and has since been increasing in size. The condition is called ( juvenile) MACROMASTIA or ( juvenile) GIGANTOMATIA. ( Same condition but different names.

Himiwako social media handles.

The Instagram model has an active account with over 230k followers. Few years ago her YouTube channel was blocked but she’s back.

@ihearthimiwako on Instagram: “SC REPOST #Himiwako No one …

She doesn’t post that much but all her handles has same username @Himiwako.

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