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Here are some reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparing, stop, reasons

At times when you look at your present condition and how things are going with you it paves way for you to begin comparing yourself with other people.

No matter the situation remember there are some people who wish they had a little of what you have.

Personally I see people who compare themselves with others as ungrateful individuals.

Whenever you are less busy try and visit the morgue and you will find a lot of young men and women who had promising future lying there.

As you might probably know by now, no one has it all in life.

If you feel your efforts aren’t paying off it will be either of this two reasons.

1. Either you are not doing the right thing.

2. Or doing the right thing at the wrong time.

So many people waste their energy doing things that others are doing, not knowing everyone has what works for them.

If you are doing a particular thing and it isn’t working change how you do it but don’t stop.

Let’s take a look at Alexander Graham Bell for instance..

Comparing, reasons, stop,

Graham Bell is the man who is known as the inventor of telephone.

During his days in college they had a practical to make something that two people can use in communication.

After a lot of hard work from both students and teacher they could only produce sound but wasn’t what they wanted.

They kept repeating same thing instead of changing methods low and behold it was just a string which needed to be shifted.

Graham Bell discovered the error and corrected it. today he is the inventor of telephone.

If you read the biography of Graham Bell you will discover he never gave up on anything he did.

Competition is good, but comparing your worth doesn’t count.

Why will you keep comparing yourself when you weren’t born on the same day.

Even twins who are born on the same day have different destinies.

The more you keep on comparing yourself with others the more depressed you become.

Here are some reasons many don’t believe in love.

The following are what comparing yourself with others would benefit you.

1. The next thing is Depression.

2. You give up on the ones you held into.

3. You begin to lack concentration.

4. You Loose hope.

Pick yourself up and speak greatness into yourself, remember you are perfectly so cheer up.

It’s just matter of time and efforts you would surely get to your destination.

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