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Sometimes moms and dads fall out of love

Sometimes different situations can make moms and dads fall out of love. But why is it so?

I thought they were supposed to be role models? Is that how I will end up one day?

I listened to my neighbor explaining to his child why parents do fall out of love and it hits me differently.

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While growing up, I experienced the same thing with my parents. My parents fell out of love and as I grew I realized that it was for the best.

Sometimes moms and dads fall out of love and it’s that stage of life every kid doesn’t want to experience.

Sometimes moms and dads fall out of love

Many circumstances can lead to moms and dads falling out of love.


This is a bit personal so I’m not going to be explaining much.

4 Reasons why moms and dads are likely to fall out of love.

1. When they lack common ground.

One of the common reasons why moms and dads tend to fall out of love is when they lack understanding.

Mom and dad are supposed to always settle their differences in their bedroom.

But when the matter becomes very clear and noticeable by their children then there’s a problem.

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Moms and dads are supposed to know that fighting in front of their kids isn’t healthy as a family. The effect of that little act can be hazardous to the children.

2. When they allow other family members to control their affairs.

I’m not saying other family members shouldn’t have a say on matters that have to do with a couple, there should be a limit.

Couples should be allowed to settle whatever differences they have amicably with the interference of a third party.

When a man allows his mother, father, or siblings to tell him how to run his family it doesn’t make sense.

Married couples should know that people will always have different opinions regarding each of them.

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This act of letting another family member settle your dispute can sometimes make moms and dads fall out of love.

3. When they don’t put God first.

God is the maker of all things, whether marriage or any kind of relationship.

If moms and dads are beginning to fall out of love, the best approach is to run to God for guidance.

Going to God in prayers has helped a lot of marriages.

During critical moments seek first the face of God in prayers and as the Bible clearly states= “Ask and it shall be given, Seek and you shall find and knock for the door shall be opened unto you”.

4. When infidelity crawls into the marriage.

Infidelity has caused so many marriages since the beginning of time. Nobody wants to live with a cheating partner who doesn’t have self-control.

Marriage is for better or worse, after marriage whatever escapades a man or woman had should be left behind.

As children, one of the reasons why moms and dads sometimes do fall out of love is if Daddy or Mommy is having an affair with someone else.

It’s not proper and shouldn’t be practiced. Not only will it hurt one partner, but STD can be gotten and transferred through this means.

So these are some of the reasons why moms and dads do fall out of love even when you think everything is going on perfectly.


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