What’s the meaning of what goes around comes around?

Have you ever been in a conversation and suddenly the other person tells you what goes around comes around? And you’re probably wondering what its means.

What goes around comes around meaning


What goes around comes around means whatever you do to me today, there will surely come a time when it will be my turn.

This usually happens when you offend someone and in order to tell you they will pay you back in your coin, they use that phrase. 

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It is always nice to do good to people because definitely what you do to someone’s day might not be the end, one day you can be at their mercy.

What’s an example of what goes around comes around meaning.?

• When you find a someone in a state where you feel he or she needs help, don’t hesitate to render help.  No one knows tomorrow, and as such we should continue doing good to humanity.

Many people have missed a lot good opportunities because of whatever they did in the past.

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The help you are rendering today is like laying a foundation for your self. No matter how much we think we have it all one day, the hands of clock will surely change.

So what goes around comes around meaning is very clear, the ball doesn’t remain in one man’s court.

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