What’s the difference between Pornography and Depression

Most times I do wonder if depression is caused by addiction to pornography. Let’s be honest, one of these two leads to one another.

In one way or the other, pornography leads to depression, and depression also leads to Pornography, Visa-vis.

Let’s start by having a clear understanding, of what pornography and depression are.

Pornography and depression

What Is Pornography?

Pornography is the act of watching nude photos or videos of others, to satisfy sexual urges.

There is a lot of websites, that major in displaying pornography.

Nevertheless, according to AASECT, watching pornography can harm one’s mental health, and as a result, the following are likely to come in place as a result of watching pornography.

  1. Loneliness
  2. Anxiety
  3. Headaches
  4. Narcissism
  5. Neuroticism
  6. Reduced sexual life, and relationship satisfaction
  7. Masturbation.

Watching pornography, can lead to loneliness. After watching porn, you will start feeling lonely.

You will wish to be part of what you were watching this is something that may never come to reality.


Pornography is likely to lead to anxiety.


Headaches are likely to be caused as a result of watching too much pornography.


Narcissism is most likely to set in, once you start getting addicted to pornography. You will derive pleasure more than yourself, other than the opposite se*x.

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Can P@rn Reduce Relationship Satisfaction and S£xual Desires?

This is one of the major impacts of watching pornography. Your relationship satisfaction will start getting hit.

Your partner will no longer be able to satisfy you. This is a result of watching too much porn, as you will want to act exactly like what you are watching in the video.

You will feel the need that your partner is no longer se*xually compatible with you anymore.

This can sometimes lead to loneliness, as you won’t find anyone who would be able to meet with your request se*xually.


M@sturbation refers to the act of running one’s private organ till orgasm takes place, or till sexual satisfaction is achieved.

M*sturbation can be quite addictive, and many who are used to watching pornography will find it hard to stop pornography.

Does Watching of Pornography Cause Depression? 

Medically, there is no correlation between pornography and masturbation.

Up to date, there is no verifiable evidence, that watching of pornography causes depression.

Nevertheless, in one way or the other, pornography can lead to a state of depression.

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How does Pornography lead to depression?

For example, those who morally disapprove of pornography are likely to experience depression.

In addition, if watching of pornography is taking a larger time than you dedicate to your relationship, depression is likely to set in as a result of watching po+rn.

Furthermore, women or men who have se+xual related issues, and see pornography as the only way to solve their sexual urge, are likely to experience depression in the long run.

Also, those who are addicted to pornography, and spend most of their earnings on watching pornography are likely to experience depression too.

Pornography, is an act which many battles with and find hard to stop. Pornography is addictive, there isn’t any doubt about that, the more you watch, the more urge you will have to watch more.

Can one ever have p*rn satisfaction? 

Considering the millions of por+nography videos/photos on the Internet, there is no how you will be satisfied watching po+rn.

You will continue to discover more video content, and all this will make you spend a large part of your earnings on watching more videos.

M@sturbation as a result of watching pornography, a recipe for depression. This is the pathway in which pornography leads to depression.

According to the world health organization, pornography isn’t recognized as being part of mental health conditions.

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Nevertheless, watching of pornography will lead to m@sturbation, which is the act of achieving se+xual satisfaction as a result of rubbing one’s private part.

M@sturbation is also said to have taken place when a person uses his or her hands to achieve ejaculation.

There is a belief that m@sturbation can be a panacea for depression. There is verifiable evidence for this.

It’s true, that having se+xual orgasm releases hormones that will as well reduce the rate of depression. Nevertheless, this is just temporary, and depression will set in back after a few hours/days.

The major truth remains, if you are seeking ways by which you want to reduce depression, pornography or m@sturbation isn’t the right channel to achieve your aim.

Is Watching Of Pornography Healthy?

Many people have different beliefs about pornography and as well views pornography from a different angle.

There are contradictions as to whether pornography is healthy or not, due to religious and societal beliefs.

Regardless, of all this, you are advised to stop pornography if you are experiencing the following.

Inability to achieve sexual satisfaction with your partner or opposite sex.

•Sad mood 


•Compulsive masturbation 

•Compulsive watching 

•Spending excessively watching pornography.

Regardless of what you read elsewhere, about pornography not affecting your mental health, if it’s hurting your mental health, you are advised to stop it.

Does Pornography Cures Depression?

Pornography does not and will never cure depression, it may only lighten up your mood for a short period. But it will never cure depression rather cause more damage to your mental health.

There will always be different schools of thought on the issue of pornography and masturbation, and many people will always view it from a different angle.

However, one thing stands to be true, there is no correlation between pornography and depression, and pornography will never be a panacea for depression.

How Can You Cure Depression?

The best way to get rid of depression is by first identifying the issue and looking for ways to tackle it.

Understand the fact that everyone in this life has an issue they are battling with, and yours will surely pass by.

You can do yourself more good, by visiting a therapist who would be able to give you anti-depressants drugs.


In conclusion on the issue of pornography and depression, We would like to know what you are going through, and as well offer the best help we can offer.

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