Chrisland Schools Leaked Video On Twitter Explained * Watch

Welcome to my blog, recently there’s been a Trending leaked twitter Video of some alleged minor student from chrisland Schools, the Saga has been on the news.

Reports spreading about the internet is that the students were appointed to represent their school in Dubai. But unfortunately, they went there and started misbehaving.

The blame therefore shouldn’t only be on the institution, but also on the parents who haven’t been able to observe their children.

In the 45 second clip, you can see how the juvenile who’s supposed to be practicing good morals and values riding like a pro. This is so sad, you could see her  doing what she had probably watched somewhere.

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It’s so heartbreaking seeing young children going the wrong directions.  The nigerian govt have temporary shutdown the institute and the alleged students are in suspension as of the time of this post.

The chrisland Schools leaked twitter video only shows that parents should be extra careful and mindful of who their kids mingle with and should be closely monitored.

This is exactly what you see when you give a minor access to the internet without monitoring them.

Chrisland Schools leaked twitter video

It’s definitely not the first time nor the second time she’s was doing such. from the way she was doing what she was doing.

Contents like that shouldn’t be on the internet because it doesn’t make the world a better place for everyone.

All Media outlets have been asked to take down the alleged Leaked twitter Video of the chrisland school.

They had the guts to record themselves and the clip was leaked on Twitter. According to a recent video of the girl’s mother, she claimed her daughter was r@pe but that doesn’t seem to be true from the alleged video.

Who was in charge? If it was an adult to a juvenile that would have been a different case.

Photo of the alleged 11-year-old girl in the viral leaked twitter Chrisland schools video.

Chrisland schools saga leaked video
Photo source/ Facebook

Looking at the above image, I doubt she’s just 11 years old. With the amount of experience displayed in the clip, it says otherwise.

She probably wanted to show her classmates what she had learnt from the research she’s been making online.

Popular actress Tonto Dikeh also shared her view regarding the chrisland schools saga. ” That’s probably not her first time, second time nor third time. She has a groomer somewhere”.

Some other sources says they had engaged in a truth or dare game which led to the recent incident.

You can imagine what a child of 10 and 11 is thinking playing truth or dare.

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Chrisland Schools shouldn’t be held on account alone, the parents too should have a say on the saga/ alleged Leaked Video.

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