How to secure your neighborhood from external threat

If there’s anything anyone would want, it would be a secure neighborhood to grow with families.

Anywhere that seems life-threatening isn’t supposed to be lived by anyone. Life comes first before anything.

Secure neighborhood,

There are simple and easy ways we can adapt to life and keep our environment/neighborhood secure.

Going by that, we sometimes do things that leave the environment unsafe which is very bad.

God created the Earth we live in and our responsibility to it is to make sure we keep everywhere safe.

There are some chemicals and other bad people who contribute to the dangers we face. To prevent anyone from getting hurt the best way is to look for any possible means to keep our neighborhood secure at all times.

Some of the things that make one’s neighborhood not to be safe/secure include.

• Chemicals from factories.

When the air we breathe becomes unhealthy, it can cause a lot of damage to our system.

• Thugs life.

Another thing that makes one’s neighborhood to be unsafe is the number of thugs that live around.

Thugs are rough and they move about with weapons that can cause one’s life to be at stake.

The neighborhood we decent people live with families Shouldn’t be occupied by people who stand between the peace of neighbors.

Bad roads (potholes)

Another thing that can lead to a neighborhood being seen as insecure is the issue is bad roads.

During an emergency, if roads aren’t good lives can be at stake because the time spent on the road would have been used to save a life.

In Nigeria, this issue is very common and no one is doing anything about it.

Citizen of NIGERIA pay their taxes but still, there’s a lot of poor road construction.

Just a few numbers of government residents can you find good roads. It’s bad, if we want a secure neighborhood the best thing is to do what is right.

• Poor connection of electrical wires.

A lot of people have either relocated from their places of residence because of one poor electric default which could be life-threatening.

Human life is as fragile as an egg, if not treated well it could be in serious problem.

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How do you make your neighborhood secure and threat-free?

  1. There should be a group of vigilantes to keep watch.

The safety of everyone is very important and should be the main priority.

A group of security men should be organized to keep watch around your neighborhood for any supposed threat.

  1. Each person or house should have the emergency number of the security officers (Police)

When there is a nearby police station, there would be little or no home invasion.

  1. Security dogs are very welcome. In case you have a very large compound, it will be advised to keep security dogs.

  2. Residents should keep their environments clean and discreet, gutters should be kept clean at all times.

  3. Chemical companies that cause air pollution should be located far from the neighborhood where people reside to avoid gas leakage etc.

Human well-being should be an utmost priority.

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