GMG Investment Platform Scam or Legit?

Hi welcome to ceetimax, today I’m just going to let you guys stay informed about the trending investment scheme called GMG. I will also be sharing updates on what you need to know about them. Are they legit or scam? Should you be worried about your investments with them? Seat back and let get started.

Just of recent, I came across this trending topic on Facebook about a certain investment platform called GMG. You invest 4k and every day you earn 1k for the next one month. The platform doesn’t run any sort of advertisement which gives them ROI.

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This alone is a turn of for me and any sane person who understands how the online world works. to run a legit and successful business like that without having the intention to scam people, you should have a means of making money to pay your users. There should also be tasks like when a person refers an individual, they get a certain amount of commission.

However, for this GMG, the case is different. Please dear readers considering how long it took you to work for your money, I will advise you use it and buy chill hollandia drinks with chicken and enjoy yourself. Don’t go and fall victim just because you want to multiply your money.

How Reliable is GMG investment?

Out of  100 percent, I will rate them 5 percent.! Why? All they’re after is to trick naive people into investing little by little and later they’ll think of investing huge amounts to receive double of their money.

updates I’m currently receiving is that most people who invested few days ago aren’t getting paid today. Yesterday due to spike in traffic, the site kind of crashed. Reason is because they used a cheap host for their website and probably bought the domain for just one or two years.

there’s nothing legit about GMG investment scheme please stay safe and be informed.

Notification: As at the time of updating this article, GMG is declared a Ponzi site. The site domain is just one month old. The administrator’s details was removed from database. We also discovered all information about the site owner is off GMG investment scheme stopped paying its members, all payment have stopped processing.

What’s The Full Meaning of GMG?

The full meaning of the online Ponzi scheme or platform called GMG ( is Graphene Manufacturing Group. They claim to multiply people’s funds which you shouldn’t subscribe to.  Please to avoid heartbreak, thread carefully.
Below is how the dashboard looks like..

GMG Investment Scheme Reviews: Scam or Legit?What can you then do online to make money if this GMG fake?

There are whole lot of things you can do online and make good profit without breaking the bank.

instead of dashing you 4k to someone you don’t know and there’s a big probability that you won’t get anything, why don’t use that 4k to run Fb ads on adsterra direct link and still earn in dollars.

At least it’s better. Or since most people will say they don’t know how it works, why don’t you learn how to create content Just like this and earn money. I will always advise my readers to learn any digital skills that can put money in your pocket for the rest of your life.

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Please be safe out there.!


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  1. Melissa MccarthyReply

    I lost almost $20k to an unregulated broker who stocked my trading capital and denied me withdrawal and access to my account.They are a big scam.. But thank God I was able to recovered all my lost funds, through the help of a certified expert. if his assistance is needed, kindly get in contact (affliz @ tutanota. com) .and he will guide you on effective steps to take and get back all your lost funds…

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