Are You Searching For True Love | How To Find A Worthy One

It doesn’t matter how long it has taken you, if you’re searching for true love you will find it.

Age is never a barrier when you decide you’re searching for true love, it’s part of life.

Searching for true love

True love is not just found, it goes through the test of time, as you build and work on your relationship with your partner. Different obstacles might try to cause a barrier but if you keep fighting, you will conquer.

As you meet someone, you get attracted to them, which develops into liking them and it eventually gets to love. s you spend more time and get to know each other better, trials and tribulations that you go through together, will determine if you’re truly meant for each other.

“All my mates are happy in their various relationships and here I am still searching for true love”, what do I do.?

Just calm down and let’s talk about this issue of yours like adults. As long as you are alive, finding true love is never a problem.!

Do you want to know what the problem is.? You are probably searching for true love in the wrong places or in the arms of the wrong person.

Before we forge ahead let’s take a brief look at what might be hindering you from finding true love and happiness.


  1. Manners of Approach.

So I guess you’ve been searching for true love all your life and with all your heart without finding one right.?

Have you taken a look at how you approach those who come to you or those you approach for a relationship?

Wait does your manners matter in finding true love.?

Yes it does, trust me when you approach someone, your first reactions gives them the impression of who you are.

If you are searching for true love and have the following weakness please cut off from it now to enhance your chances of finding the right one.

i. If you’re rude to guys or to people you get bad reports. Words spread like wild fire you might loose a dream man or woman because of rudeness.

When people begin say bad things about you, even the most genuine suitor would flee.

ii. If you are the type that compare people more often try to delete that habit from your mind.

All fingers are not equal. Either accept people for who they are or remain single..

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  1. Areas of search.

Yeah we all know you’ve been searching for true love but where exactly have you been doing the search.?

The places you feel you can get true love might actually be the cause of you being single.

For instance, how do you expect to get your car fixed if you take it to Apple store.?

You’re definitely at the wrong place.
Are you the social type.? You can get hooked up in a club where you go to hangout with friends.

You can also get hooked up in a library or in an open gathering.

Open up your heart, the right person must have been knocking without you realizing it.

Are you the quite type, who does talk much.?

You probably are very active on social media right.? You can still make something out of it.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more provide an avenue for dating and hook up.

I know a lot of people who found the love of their lives on social media, but you have to be very careful with trusting any type of person you meet out there.

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  1. Financial Issues.

I feel another reason why one keep searching for true love find it very difficult is the lack of money.

Don’t take this personal, but I think a lot of relationships of this generation works well when there is money.

Girls don’t want to date broke guy likewise the guys.

You need to look good for yourself and for whoever you meet in the long run.

Or do you want a situation where they feel ashamed to introduce you to their family and friends.? No!!

As you’re searching for true love please be sure you have enough money to care for your needs and that of your spouse when you eventually find true love.

How do you know you’ve found true love.?

When you find true love, you glow exceptionally. The peace of mind and happiness you get shows in your smiles and your ways of life.

While you’re searching please be sure you don’t end up with someone who doesn’t adore you.

Remember “you don’t drink poison because you’re tasty” you are unique and special so you deserve all the best.

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