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Omolola Ambrose Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career

Omolola Ambrose Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career

Who is Omolola Ambrose?

Ambrose Omolola Catherine is a Nigerian Freelancer, Multi Skilled and social media personality. She’s a native of Edo State, Nigeria. Omolola was born and raised in Ibadan, but she’s presently living in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Miss Ambrose is a single mother of one, she’s also a Christian and she worships at the Redeem Christian Church Of God. From our sources, miss Omolola Ambrose is an introvert but loves meeting new people on social platforms.

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Some of her hobbies include: Cooking, Writing, Reading, and making new friends. Miss Ambrose is someone who doesn’t like being stressed, unnecessary tension, or anything that stands as a threat to her peace and sanity.

Omolola Ambrose Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career


Ambrose Omolola Catherine is a Nigerian freelancer who was born on the 5th of February, 1998 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. She was born to Mr and Mrs Ambrose who hail from Edo State. Omolola was born and raised alongside her 5 siblings, however we don’t have enough information about her siblings.

Catherine was raised in a conservative Christian family and she worships at The Redeem Christian Church Of God. She lost her mom some few years ago and ever since, she has been under the umbrella of her loving father and sinkings.

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Age and Birthday

Catherine Omolola was born on February, 5 1998 (age: 25 years old).

Net Worth

As at the time of writing this article, there’s no information about Omolola Ambrose’s Net Worth.

Education and Career

Omolola finished her nursery and primary school education at Ibadan, and soon after that she proceeded to one of the best secondary schools. For some reasons, she couldn’t forge ahead to complete her university education. However, her dream is to go back to school someday and study what she had always dreamt of as a child– Journalism.

After her secondary school education, miss Ambrose first job was as a teach in a nursery school at the age of 15.

She also proceeded to learning different skills including, cattery, hairdressing, tailoring and lastly she learnt the ethics of running a pharmacy. After many years of practicing pharmacy, she finally launch her own registered pharmacy where she sold drugs prescribed by doctors.

Soon she began to source out for any other online skills after learning that one could become staunch rich from learning a digital skills.

Omolola Ambrose learnt the basis of Social media management, Visual Assistant etc. She soon registered on Upwork and LinkedIn where she displayed her profile and not too long she began getting different offers.

Personal Life

Ambrose Omolola Catherine is a mother of one. Although she choose not to talk about her daughter on social media due to personal reasons.

From our sources, Omolola Catherine is currently single as at the time of writing this article.

Omolola Ambrose Accident Story

“The day I had an accident is one day which is can never forget in my life. Everyday, I keep thanking God for giving me another opportunity to live and praise him and care for my lil baby”.

On the unfortunate incident too place on the 10th of April, 2019 way back from her Dad’s. She had gone there to drop off her daughter. On her way from railway station bus stop in Omi, heading towards Apata in Ibadan.

After about 3 minutes drive, a car from the opposite direction was in a haste to overtake a big truck but the truck driver wasn’t in the mood to give way for the car driver.

Within a splint of seconds, the car driver was out of his lane there by hitting the bike miss Omolola was on. Soon after that they were convey to a nearby hospital before they were later transferred to University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.

She sustained fractures in her right pelvic, left femur, tibia, fibula and ankle. Her left knee was also dislocated and she sustained multiple body injuries.

At UCH, Omolola Ambrose spent a total of 87 days, and during those times, she was mostly unconscious before she began to recover. Almost a week after the incident, she did her first surgery where an external fixation (LRS) was done on the thigh bone, an internal fixation (IM Nailing) was also done on the tibia bone, a cast was placed on the ankle, and a traction was fixed on the right leg to set the pelvic bone back. Since the incident till date, Catherine has had multiple surgeries in other to fully regain back her health.


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