Hitman Holla Leaked Video On Twitter- Watch- Explained

Why is Hitman Holla leaked video trending on twitter

Welcome to ceetimax, today we’re talking about the trending hitman holla leaked video on twitter and what happen. I will also be sharing a video although not really the clear; but you can see through it.

Hitman holla is a famous american rapper born on March 29, 1988. The rapper is in a relationship with model, Cinnamon. Recently, it was alleged that their private video was leaked and hitman holla has been trending. The on Snapchat story before it made got to twitter and became a trending topic.

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Hitman holla leaked video on twitter explained

Holla made sure the now trending video was made private for only close friends and one of his friend’s screen recorded the video on his snapchat story and posted on twitter. Fans are amused upon seeing the footage of hitman holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon. The clip has since gained massive attention different people have different opinion about the video. The ‘close friends’ feature on Snapchat only allows selected friends or group of people to be able to be able to see one’s story or post.

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From all indications, hitman was the one that first uploaded the on his snapchat before a close friend screen recorded it and made it go viral. Although some people claim he was the one that shared it.

Celebrities are one of the most searched people on the internet. in fact, almost every fan of any celebrity wants to see their idol’s leaked content. it’s no surprise why hitman holla leaked video is trending on different media like twitter, reddit and twitter.

As a celebrity, you can’t trust anybody because a whole lot of them are constantly looking for your downfall. many are keen on seeing you go down even without offending them. The funniest part is that it been trending since 2021.

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